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download mods from ing
yes, i know that they download automatically when you are in mp but i think it would be really helpful to be able to download whatever mod you want in sp
i mean its really annoying to have to go to forum, download a mod and copy/paste it in the replays folder just so you can watch someone's replay.
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supported, it really does suck to have to ask for mods in replay threads or before cnc'ing someone's replay in general
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IIRC mods will automatically download if missing when watching replays in the very near future, but ingame mod search/download would be a nice addition.

Mods should already download automatically with latest 5.4 update on Steam.
We've added a way to download mods with /dl command some time ago, though it's still only in dev 5.41 builds. Should be public by the end of March when the update is live.
i have the latest update on steam and mods are not downloading automatically, idk if i'm the only one but ye.
anyway, as it is being worked on rn i guess i'll just close this thread.
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