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Bring Back In-Game Player Rank
So I’ve logged back in to Toribash after about 6 years of not having the game or it even being downloaded on my PC. I stubbled back on to it through YouTube broke how a video of Toribash esports appeared and then the nostalgia hit me, and I remembered why I spent hours playing this game. To be known as one of the best.

As you can see, I was slightly disappointed upon my return to go in to a ABD lobby see that they were no longer visible and I could not find them, any chance you could bring these back?
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No use spamming the thread, I've seen it

Im just being a voice for the people - we want it back
I still think there should be some clarity around as to why this was removed in the first place?

I mean look at the comments and likes on the posts made in this thread the people obviously want it back - can anyone actually tell us why it was taken out. The game is boring with out the competitiveness leading people to duel to so that they feel like they actually have status when really all you need is a rank. You rank clan but can't rank players in mods, make it make sense man...