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Dracs Giveaways

I suck at banners someone make me a better one kthx<3

Welcome To MY Giveaway Thread!

I made this thread to help out anyone who needs it.
If you're a newer player or just don't have anything let me know I might be able to help you out

Only allowed to get a handout ONCE!

It won't be much but it'll be enough to make you look Good

Please don't try to get items from me if you don't really need it or just plan to sell them. Don't ruin it for everyone else. I'll be checking accounts making sure you're legit.
Don't try and get anything if you're on a ALT account.

Fill this out if you need a handout

How Long You've played:
(Just for fun) Favorite Animal:
Not Required but Optional! (Might Give You extra if its good):Good Joke - Pick-Up line - Funny Picture/Meme (Keep it appropriate):

Items you might receive: Misc-Forces/Relaxes-3D Objects-Sounds
Sometimes I might throw in a little TC too ;)
If you Receive a Head Texture the Art on it is free to Use.
Art on All Head Textures is made by me (Don't attempt to sell)

Some of you might get lucky and receive a High value item


I don't mind using only my own items but....if you wanna

Accepting Donations - All Donations will go to giveaways
Thank you to the Wonderful People Who Donated :
Waldo - Geta L+R
MariaVirgine - Anime Umbrella - Flame - Full aqua
phish - Bunny Slippers L+R

Zwar - Barbed Wire - Black Belt - Cel Shaded Head - Eye Patch - Gentlemen's Mustache - Gladiator Pack - Gladiator Pack - Jolly Wrap
Glimpsed - Swag Cap

People who have received items <3
You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula(21 items) to bouyard.
Full Radioactive - Tori/Uke Hair - Minihawk - Hit effects
You've sent Boreal Force to Sleep.
Boreal Force
You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula(4 items) to MrBluBerry.
128x128 L+R Feet/Hand Textures
You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula<3(8 items) to white.
Full Cobra Motion Trails - Ivory Force/Relax - Hit Effects - Moustache
You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula<3(3 items) to Reaper1243.
Marine Relax/Ghost - Hit effects

You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula<3(4 items) to NUKEx92.
Hit Sound 1,2,3,5

You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula(20 items) to pokycone.
Full Aqua - Hit Effects - Geta R+L

You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula<3(18 items) to kittyswegg.
You've successfully sent 1000 ToriCredits to kittyswegg.

Full Chronos - Your Own Sign - 1,000tc

You've successfully sent 2701 ToriCredits to danthe4th.
Sent 2701tc

You've sent Set: Gift Box -From Dracula<3(6 items) to GAYest.
Copper Force - Gold Ghost/Motion Trails

You've sent Set: Unpacked: Aqua Pack(17 items) to Bish0pX.
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