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5.23 beta May 4th update (Steam, all platforms)
How to get the update:
In your Steam games library, right-click Toribash, select properties, navigate to betas tab and select "beta" branch.

Updates in this build:

  • libcurl update
  • Ingame inventory (TC icon in top bar -> Inventory)
  • Various bugfixes


Currently disabled:

  • Atmospheres button (Tools section)
  • Discover button (Mods section)
  • Comeback Practice button (Practice section)
  • No way to access Flame Forger and certain other misc tools
  • Only English language (will post translation details later)

Known Bugs:

  • Any old running script will get terminated once you open main menu
  • While viewing Home tab, events section will be displayed on top of other scripts that use toriui/uielement.lua manager (this includes clans ui, tc purchase screen and other recently added scripts)
  • TC/ST won't update properly if you log into another account (requires game restart)
  • Going to multiplayer will most likely mess up your TC/ST/clan display in top bar

Users who find and report any new bugs will be rewarded with 10k. Please make sure you describe it properly and attach a screenshot.
Suggestions and ideas are welcome!