The first fully textured tori with joints and all for 4.0. Besides that fact, the set looks amazingly amazing.

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Aka jusmi.
forgot about this
Tengos Black Hawk video is one of the best we've seen in ages

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vitieks new robotic texture looks great
great balance between subtle design and technique

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Great new video by Demonburn, The flow of creation 2
really nice to see some of the newer members doing good work
really good atmosphere and creative camera work

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New texture by cerberus based on the Killzone Hellghast character
great to see cerberus' improvement over the time hes been here
Hood has been done excellently, we all know how difficult that is to get right

He is also open to suggestions for ideas on new textures

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Mocuchas new video is fantastic, the custom sounds, theme and replays are all brilliant
returning to his roots with minimal editing and all natural toribash feel

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So a surprise set today folks, didnt expect this one
our latest full joint set, by 4edrick, not perfect, but there are some beautiful aspects to it
the way he did the back of the knees and that shoulder, that is EXACTLY how people should approach joint textures, use them to expand a concept and overlap the areas etc

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Reviving the showcase. hopefully i can add a showcase everyday, we'll see.

VitieK's speed paint video of his graffiti head was quite impressive. Never really seen anyone make a head like it before.

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Todays showcases come from the results of the Let's Create Activity which was a big success in my opinion.

Our first showcaser is a traditional drawing. I admit it might not be the most refined, but something about the sitting just makes it awesome

thread: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=395749

Our second is by Mr Hyde. Truely stunning graphics work, he did a great job with depth and lighting.

thread: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread...13#post6305113

Last but not least is a really clean designed katana from the almighty ImmortalCow (aka gorman)

Done with this community, you guys suck.
Bostaffs new "The Jaw" head is an example of one of the ways to manipulate the mapping of a texture to create something interesting and different.
While its not a new method of doing things, it is an underused and misunderstood method of texturing
fantastic work

discussion thread: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=396668
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Best entries from Let's Create Week 2:



Done with this community, you guys suck.