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[MBO] Minecraft Hunger Games Event
[CENTER]Hello everyone! Time for some Hunger games!

Entry Fee is 450tc and participation fee is 550tc. In total 1k.

Entry fee will be the prize and the participation fee will go to Minecraft Builders Org.

Send all TC to Abdydude

Events will be held when 12 people register.

Questions? PM nick13349 or Abdydude for details.

Once you enter we will PM you the server IP.

Btw this will be held on a server where you will have to have the full game.




[B]We have more than one time because some people live at gmt+'s and some in gmt-'s. You may come to the one that is suitable for you.

Have Fun!

Prize is all of the entry fee!
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Ok we got our NEW event page. Have fun!
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You will be let back in. You may not leave if you are in the middle of battle. If you do so you will be teleported to the death box.
It's like the hunger games
You kill until you win or get killed

I'm so gonna get tc for this
ABD is the best succing thing ever created
Hey ill apply when i get tc. Im nicks brother, and unfortunately we share an mc account. How would this work? Also what do u mean by entry fee and participation fee? Arent they the same thing?
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Well if you share an account im sorry only one of you can join or you guys can join in different times. Also entry fee is the prize money and participation fee is for the organization.