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Good evening! This is me. Tarlan Professor Dumbledor. The year in Hogwarts school is ending, so it's time to give some points to gryffindor to make idiot Malfoy cry as usual. The problem is that I am, the an Proffesor Dumb le dor, too old for making an excuses such as "friendship points" to Neville. The Oxford school rule says that slytherine should be shamed always, so me, the Aggressor Bumble Bee, asking you guys to come up with some ideas why should I give you 10 points. Okgo.


Tell Nicequestion Papadog why you deserved 10 points in 5-15 sentences using there thefollowing words:
-10 points




40000 TC for 1st place
20000 TC for 2nd place
9492 TC for 3rd place

And random items for interesting entries.


24th of March 2021.

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Hello Bitch, yes you read that right. I hope you know your life is cringe and your beard is weird. Let me tell you, when it comes down to magic im the best magician. Im actualy so good with magic its undoubtable im the best out there. My favorite move is bycicle kick. So i want atleast 10 fkin points for that shit and a gold medal. I give you 2 days because im a nice guy but dont you make me wait. I am a serious magic business guy, dealing with toiletpaper during lockdowns is my shit and england is my city. Please be aware that if you consider not giving me my 10 points ill get my homies to avadakick dat ass. Pay with points or ur life.

Ok since people are coming here I'm the profeslord Mumblerock adding some stuff to the prizes:

+6000 TC to second place and +9492 TC to third place and also random items for interesting entries!

The prizes are now:
30000 TC for 1st place
20000 TC for 2nd place
9492 TC for 3rd place

And random items for interesting entries.

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Hi Mr. Dumblepoor! Just wanted to tell you that you're the worst magician of all. If you give us 10 points, i will slither in my magical wooden stick into malfoys magical slytherin hole. Cuz obvious, not even you do like him, so it would be a "one-hand-shakes-another" deal. Oh and also, we made a bet when you had been drunk, that if i - hairy purplepopper - will forck the OG(-ranger) Hermine, you'll give us 20 points. Yes i pimped right into her golden V. I got it on nudes as proof. So here's another deal, if you give us the 10 points i will forget about our bet and send you the nudes. I know you want it.

P.s.: Your toes look cringe.
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Water Melon, Fire Melon, Earth Melon, Air Melon... The ELEMELONS!
It'd be wise of ye to dare not cringe at the blessings I now bestow upon thou bosom. My name is NightFlow, the wisest must auspicious magician in all the lands! I have come with warning in hand shall ye heed it's contents. BEWARE THE ONE THEY CALL TARLAN! For he is the stealer of points, the snatcher of bashers, the TC cashing, button mashing, click thrashing, hash slinging slasher.....He comes with only one purpose in mind.......slay all ye that stand before thyself now! I, on the contrary, have tussled with Cerberus, I've crossed the ferryman's ferry, I've traversed my way through Hades with so much as a scratch, I have felt pain far worse than the Basilisk's sting, I've locked eyes in combat with medusa and prevailed triumphant! I could easily handle this threat for thou all today..... but alas, my power has faded somewhere along the blurred lines we know as time and space. If one could spare me a morsel, a sliver, finer than the finest grains of sand, just a mere blessing of 10 points *cough* and 40000 TC *cough* Thy godlike strength shall surely return to me! I leave the fate of thine lives.... in thou hands......

(I would be more than happy to read this aloud just to get the old timey vibes)
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Oh shit it's some profound text.


I'm the proffessssor Underdog adding another 10k to the first place!

The prizes are now:
40000 TC for 1st place
20000 TC for 2nd place
9492 TC for 3rd place

And random items for interesting entries.

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Hello, this is the story of how i, Harry Potter brought a gun to school, here goes. As Harry opened the doors to the most prestigious wizard school in the world, walking towards arguably the most powerful wizard in the whole world while holding a hangun. As he was aiming the gun at the grandmasters head he suddenly yelled "Give me 10 points you dirty magician weakling, i am the strongest now or i'll kill you". While Harry was muttering to himself " kill, kill, kill, kill, kill" the grandmaster was speechless and shaking, other students hiding under the table.
After 10 minutes passed Harry yelled "saying the word kill this much makes me cringe", finally the grandmaster took up the courage to tell him that he has the points, after hearing the good news Harry Potter does a backflip, pulls out a rabbit from his wizard hat, puts on a magical cloak and jumps out the window. The end.
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+5508 to 3rd and +5000 to 2nd!

The prizors now aeere:

40000 TC for 1st place
25000 TC for 2nd place
15000 TC for 3rd place

And random items for interesting entries.

Hosted >3000 events b4 you even was born.
No doubt i'm the best.
Hello smart le door, so here's why you should give me the 10 points. So i've read all these cringe posts sent to you in the past dissing you, when we all know positive vibes and entertainment is how you get picked. I saw in your example you claimed to be good pornstar, showing your very real looking sex tape. I respect that a real magician never reveals his/her secrets, so I wont ask you to show me. My name is Nrm8085/TheFullShabang, my trick is i'm a wizard with my magical vape and you can watch me dazzle you with my stellar tricks. Once i've intimedated all of my other opponents I will challenge them all 1 by 1 to duel me in Rocketleague where i am top 2% in the world. Now that all my opponents are mentally weak from being slaughtered in Rocket League. I will now show you who has the biggest ToriDick here, and bring my bright fully jacked up light blue punch buggy to the 2021 ToriDrift competition. You can listen to her little 4 cylinder turbo charged deisel engine roar louder than some trucks, and look at the beautiful sunset painted on her light blue body as she launches off sand dunes. As you can see all of this is enough to make anybody cry from happiness, so thank you for this event smart le door.
Dumb le dorm,

give me 10 points immediately.
Or else i will reveal your darkest secret.
Ah,now that i think of it, I am the best magician anyway and do not even need a single point from you.
Your secret is absolute cringe so i will reveal it just because.
Behold, Dum le hoe how he sees himself.

welp, i tried.

(all i know from Harry Potter comes from these videos basically,so yea :
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL...mIij7MmHC-15wf )
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