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DGRK's replay thread
not a new player.

gonna be posting replays here and putting effort into them so they look nice. cnc?
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This is very sweet manip.
Nothing particularly special and nothing that stands out but it flows
well and your pacing is good, you never really lose momentum.
The decap is cool, probably most interesting part about the replay.
I like the opener but again, nothing special. my first few manipulations had similar
openers but more creative.

At 140 the setup for that jump is a bit too nooby for my liking.
the kick itself is fine but I was expecting a little more destruction.
Seems like a whole lot of setup for nothing, ya get me?
ill keep watching if you keep posting, i see potential.
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your movements is decent but simple and still can be improved a lot, even though you are not even a bit bad at it. The manip looked great so did your hits and dms

overall this replay is very neat
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made some changes in the replay so it's more "eventful"

tell me what u think
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