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The old way of doing hands I learned was using this kind of template:


Your way of doing it in a cube preview works so far for sketching ideas and having a better look at how things map out, but for refining it's way easier to do it in a square fashion.

Could you elaborate on the "I used this kind of template"?
I don't really understand, did you use 3d software with a cube and this UV layout? or did you just use this texture to sketch on and then stretched it, similar to what hug described?
I feel like using this kind of template would give me too much trouble as I often check back and forth with ingame, but I guess that's just some sort of habit of mine
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It's to draw and then stretch it out, yes. And you move/rotate the sides to draw the seams as well.

It's a new type of thing to learn, of course your way of doing it has pros and cons, same way the one I showed has the difficulty of having to picture what it looks in your head, but at the end is like drawing a head, you get used to it.

I don't know if it fits your way of doing things, after all what works works, and if you're not doing sets all the time it's probably more time consuming to adapt to.
it's a nice way of doing it and I'll definitely consider trying it for some testing.
Thanks for the idea/advice
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thats the best thread ever. insane work done by tyler here! i do not draw often but be sure that the next time i'll make something i'll spend the time it need on it and won't stop untill i'm not happy with the result. thanks a lot for all those awesomme tips tyler!
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