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Hi and welcome to Mod Mania!

Art by Taekkyo

Mod Mania is a series of mod championships.
Play in modmania rooms, win games and climb up ranks and get rewards!

General info
Each mod will stay in modmania rooms for 1 week and then will be changed to the next one.

Mod Mania Prizes
For every week, you will be able to claim a variety of rewards:

Basic prizes for winning 10, 25, 50 and 100 games
These will be TC, ST and items which can be claimed within your game client instantly after meeting the requirements.
To claim the rewards (when available), navigate to Mod Mania menu from News tab and press the claim button below your event stats.

Weekly global challenge rewards
These will be boosters that'll get added to all participants' accounts (at least 1 game won in mod mania rooms) after each mod rotation in case the community goal is reached.

Top list (games played) placement rewards
After every mod switch, 10 players with most wins for the week will receive bonus Toricredits and Shiai Tokens (up to 50K TC and 5 ST) depending on their placement.

Ranking rewards
At the end of Mod Mania, top ranked players will receive additional prizes based on their global and mod ranking

Global Ranks

Rank 1
Color pack of your choice*
100,000 Toricredits
10 Shiai Tokens

Rank 2
Force and Relax of your choice*
75,000 Toricredits
8 Shiai Tokens

Rank 3
Force item of your choice*
50,000 Toricredits
6 Shiai Tokens

Ranks 4 - 8
30,000 Toricredits
4 Shiai Tokens

Ranks 9 - 20
15,000 Toricredits
3 Shiai Tokens

Ranks 21 - 50
5,000 Toricredits
2 Shiai Tokens
Mod Ranks

Rank 1
35,000 Toricredits
5 Shiai Tokens

Rank 2
25,000 Toricredits
4 Shiai Tokens

Rank 3
15,000 Toricredits
3 Shiai Tokens

Ranks 4 - 20
5,000 Toricredits
2 Shiai Tokens

Ranks 21 - 50
1 Shiai Token

Have fun!

* Excluding Onyx and Diamond
abd_r.tbm week is over, the new mod is boxshu_mushu_250.tbm!
This version of boxshu is based on boxshu_mushu_v5 but has longer ghost and new grabs.

This week you can claim the Corrupt Scythe by winning 100 games before the mod changes!

Top list by games won for the last week:

Congratulations and good luck to everyone this week!
Mod Mania's boxshu_mushu_250 week is now over and the next mod is rk-mma.tbm!
rk-mma is similar to lenshu3ng but has lighter gravity with lower dismember threshold, longer DQ timeout and smaller dojo!

This week you can claim The Staff by winning 100 games!

Top players by games won for boxshu_mushu_250 week:

Congratulations and good luck this week!