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TBA - Toribash Basketball Association

Welcome to TBA, The Toribash Basketball Association founded by Unity, We have to offer a exciting experience here at TBA as our Association focuses on NBA, we are the first tb basketball association to provide this experience to our members.


TBA is a Assocation based on basketball and improvement.Additions will be added to your overall , make sure you bring your handles and make your way to the top! Overall ------- Your overall is summed up from 4 categories, Ball Handling, Finishing, On Ball Defense, Blocks and Steals.everyone has a base overall of 65. that's the starting overall. Your overall is then adjusted to what you've been shown capable of doing efficiently and effectively.

For example, from 65 ovr, you've shown incredible ball handling, good finishing, but meh defense and hardly and blocks or steals. you'd be about a 80.

the 5th category, that gives bonuses to the 4 main categories is Form. It doesn't affect the grade directly, however it does influence how much you move up in overall in terms of by guesstimate so if we take the aforementioned example of being about an 80. Ex - 80ovr+ performances will be 80ovr - when form deducts some of the guesstimate
And lets say, their form isn't quite there for most of their moves, and they're looking very unrealistic in terms of replication of the form for moves, you'd be below an 80 somewhere a mid - high 70 with this, it leaves a lot to be improved upon so there's a challenge, and it doesn't get boring or stale easily, and there's little to no subjectivity. For the beginners, there will be drills to help you get used to the idea and will help you improve the things you struggle with.
Matches are randomly drew based on overall rating. Matches will be judged by Unity and X2.

Discord Server -
Mod - xp-halfcourtv11.tbm/basketballx2-v2.tbm

Overall Rankings
=Overrall Ratings= *Note: These are ranges, odd overalls will not directly be added but guestimated* =Your overall is summed up from 5 categories, Ball Handling, Finishing, On Ball Defense, Playmaking, and Major - Minor Overall Bonuses from Form=


BongdaBang,Anx1ety,Bossy,Chax,Cryink,Yahummy,Light y,LostMail,Niaraiko,Sparturnha,Vani3,Hisato,RcRich man,Karbn,Shp3e,Undyingderp,Flash,Jajowex,Menace,M ainland,Mpez,Supatroop,Tyson,Wayaway,Wumpus,Maikei ,Kamara








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