I am 21 years old Johnny. I would love to join your legendary clan Convict aka drunken master.
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I am 21 years old Johnny. I would love to join your legendary clan Convict aka drunken master.

This is me!
About Me!
Yo! My name is Mirio Togata!(of course my real name is Tyler!) I just turned 19 last week and I just made this account also last week because I wanted to come back to this game from a 2 year break fresh and new! That means new friends, experiances, ect...My gmt is -5 or Eastern pacific time USA. My hobbies mainly consist of games,games,food, and more games!! (Also that tedious thing called a job creeps in once in a awhile as well.) Now this is my MAIN account now. Meaning my old account which was second dan is no longer my main. This account is a orange belt for now since i've been trying to do some forum stuff before I go head first into actually playing again. I would have to say my forum activity will be a 8 out of 10 for sure. As for my ingame it will be 8.5 to 9 out of 10 since I can promise ill be on every night enless something comes up which I can give notice before hand! My old account (lickerlint) was a member of WAPOW back in 2014-2016. I had alot of fun whilst playing with those guys for sure.

Why I want to join you!

I want to join TANK to reconcile on good times being with a active clan really. I love wars,learning new things, and meeting new people most of all. And what better way to do that then aim for the top clan in the game right? I believe I can make it a swell time for everyone here. I'd love to meet you guys and have a good time on this game while it is still with us ya know? Now its up to you wether or not I and you all will get that chance. So thankyou for reading this I appreciate it!

Tank is a Brotherhood, Not Just A Clan.
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Clans I have graced with my presence
[WAPOW] [Elite] [VanirGodz] [Zero]

Hello, my name is Merc and I'm the former leader of (FC) who held rank one for a while after passing ]WAPOW] and [eVo].

I'm 17 years old and my GMT is +8. My hobbies are watching movies and my interests are practicing martial arts IRL.

I don't go in-game nor on the forums too often, but I'd be glad to drop in every now and then and assist you with a war.
hello my toribash name is bossyninja
I'm 13 and my time zone is EST
I really only play games like rocket league and fortnite (Xbox)
I'm pretty active on forums I don't post much though I'm on almost every day
my discord is bossyninja#1386
Hello my name is FIRSTVENOM,my real name is Daniel James GMT+8.I am 17 years old.i live in the Philippines,in albay.I go to school at UST.I have been playing toribash for 5 weeks i just made a new account. I do things that live my life to the fullest like making new friends and joining this clan.i am very fluent in English.I am very athletic and i'm a red belt in taekwondo.

I'm a very nice guy but just because i'm nice doesn't mean i'm weak.I don't care if people are different as long as their beautiful in the inside.I am very ambitious,i want to do a lot of things like breaking world records and being famous.I am very trustworthy.

The reason i want to join this clan is just as i explained earlier that i do things that live my life to the fullest like joining this clan and also because the name sounds cool.I will be loyal till the end.

Im back in game name is Dray5168 and I used to already be in tank but I was inactive but now im back and ready to be better I am 13 and I live in Kentucky I am now going to be active a lot more and convict im back baby oh yea and I want to be in tank because I want to come back and continue from where I started but better than ever so hope you have good day and im back for more