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~ Custom gametypes thread ~
After talking a little on IRC, I've decided to revive the idea of people making their own gametypes. I feel that the whole Worldbuilder/integrated Mods scene has left basic modifications to how the game plays behind, and I thought it a good idea to make a thread where anyone and everyone can post gametypes that they've created for all to enjoy.

I'd like this to be a clean, organised thread, and any mode that is posted I'll put in this post. If you've got a gametype that you think is fun to play and/or has good online potential, post it here - it might even get accepted as an official gametype if it's good enough!

If you do want to submit a gametype, make sure you post it in an easily understandable format, and, if you like, post a short description about what the mode is/how it plays/what it's supposed to represent.

Note that newer modes will usually be added to the bottom of the list rather than the top.

Part two of the modes list can be found here.
Part three of the modes list can be found here.

Here's one of my favorites.

By: 3vi1
Matchframes: 410
Turnframes: 55,55,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30
Mod: sambo.tbm
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 1
Disqualification: 0
Disqualification Timeout: 15
Disqualification Flag: 0
Dismemberthreshold: 250
Fracturethreshold: 140
Dojotype: 1
Dojosize: 500
Engagedistance: 300
Engageheight: 150
Selfdamage: 0
Grip: 0

Gravity: 0.00 0.00 -30.00
In this mode, both players start a short distance above the ground. The idea is that the players brace for impact and then flip up to attack their opponent with powerful flying kicks and punches assisted by the launch.

By: Tonakai
Matchframes 200
Turnframes 50,35,20,20,2[/IMG]0,15,10,10,5,5
mod sambo.tbm
dismemberment 0
fracture 1
disqualification 0
fracturethreshold 300
engagedistance 150
engagerotation 10
damage 1
grip 0

"Well, I just guess that this is like a fighting style with somebody who doesn't know any fighting techniques, karate, as an example, when they are very angry.

By: ZaneNutio
Matchframes: 500
Turnframes: 15,15,5,5,60
Mod: sambo.tbm
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 0
Disqualifacation: 0
Dismemberthreshold: 75
Dojosize: 400
Engagedistance: 200
Engageheight: 0
"The goal Is like akido, but it has diffrent reaction time and you have to think ahead more in order to trip your oponent up without screwing yourself up at the 60 frame area."
5By5 example replay

Master Of The Dojo
By: Dikarika
Matchframes: 1000
Turnframes: 50
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 1
Disqualification: 0
Dismemberthreshold: 150
Fracturetheshold: 100
Dojosize: 500
Engagedistance: 125
Selfdamage: 1

To say that this plays a bit like Aikido is probably the simplest way of describing this mode. There's the added element of opener strategy - due to the longer engage distance - and there's a good possiblity of long throws due to the large arena and lack of Sambo gravity.

Shaolin Style
By: Dikarika
Matchframes: 600
Turnframes: 30
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 1
Disqualification: 1
Dismemberthreshold: 85
Fracturetheshold: 65
Dojosize: 750
Engagedistance: 175
Selfdamage: 1
Grip: 0

If Master Of The Dojo is Aikido, then Shaolin Style is Wushu. The low dismember and fracture thresholds coupled with fairly long turnframes mean that making mistakes can be quite fatal to your chances of winning. There are also good opportunites for defensive or strategic techniques due to the long engage distance and the existence of a dojo limit.

Sumo Butt Battle
By: Dikarika
Matchframes: 975
Turnframes: 30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100
Mod: sumo.tbm
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 1
Disqualification: 1
Dismemberthreshold: 200
Fracturetheshold: 150
Engagedistance: -100
Selfdamage: 1
Grip: 1

A rather odd mode, Butt Battle speaks to me of backwards Judo with Sumo wrestlers. The incrementally increasing turnframe counter forces players to think ahead, and the odd engage distance setup makes it difficult for players to rely purely on fast openers.

Wudang Swordsmen
By: Dikarika
Matchframes: 280
Turnframes: 40
Mod: twinsword4.tbm
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 0
Disqualification: 0
Dismemberthreshold: 500
Dojosize: 800
Engagedistance: 250
Selfdamage: 0
- I'm assuming you don't want to impale yourself
Grip: 1
A variation on the TwinSwords gametype, Wudang Swordsmen adds mainly subtle changes to the mode, including making it harder to directly hit your opponent on the initial few turns, slightly shortening individual turns and lowering the dojo size.

By: TehBasher
Matchframes: 500
Turnframes: 50,30,30,30,20,20,20,20,10,10,10,10
Mod: sambo.tbm
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 1
Dismemberment Threshold: 125
Fracture Threshold: 90
Dojo Size: 200
Engage Distance: 70
Engage Height: 30
Engage Rotation: 60

"You just hug each other and try not to get DQed. No room for mistakes. Grab On."

By: Mapleleaf
Matchframes: 200
Turnframes: 15
Mod: Classic
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 1
Disqualification: 1
Dismemberthreshold: 75
Fracturethreshold: 65
Engagedistance: 170
self damage: 1

Much like TKD, you should however try playing mainly with relaxed joints, because of the low dm- /fracturethreshold you can easily lose/frac a holding limb.
Example replay of Relax

By: Hesperus
Matchframes: 20
Turnframes: 2
Dismemberment: 1
Fracture: 0
Disqualification: 1
Dismemberthreshold: 100
Engagedistance: 100
Selfdamage: 1
Reaction time (online): 10

"I haven't playtested it yet, just had the idea. It'll force you to have a solid opener, and contingencies in case you see that it's going to be beaten. Boring as piss to watch, I'm sure, but a hell of a lot of strategy involved."

Skateboarding Fight
By: ermac2222
matchframes: 1000
turnframes: 30,70,50,50,50,50,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,25 ,25,25,25,25,25,25,25,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,1 0,50,50,100
Mod: 00_skateboarding_mp.tbm
dismemberment: 1
disqualification: 0
dm threashold: 200
doojosize: 1
engage dist: 3000
engage hight: 200
engage rotion: 90

"on turnframes, the 30 then 70 is so you can do a trick before
landing on the rail.
the dojo size of 1 is so that you can't touch anything but the
rail and uke without getting dq'ed"

Wrestling Mod
By: JDawg
Matchframes: 250
Turnframes: 50
Mod: Sambo.tbm
Dismemberment: 1
Dismemberthreshold: 125
Fracture: 1
Fracturethreshold: 100
Flags: 10
Engagedistance: 80
Engageheight: -50
Dojosize: 575
Disqualification: 0

"This mode is focused on ground fighting. Although players begin slightly below the ground, this is to force them to fall onto the ground and grapple. Sambo makes the players fall quicker, and makes fighting and force more realistic than the default mod. The intention of this mod is to either disqualify your opponent, or to use a somewhat realistic wrestling/grappling move to score points.

Inspired by the jujitsu class I had last Wednesday at Karate ."

By: Redskins82
turnframes 10, 50, 45, 10
dismemberthreshold: 95
flags: 8
engagedistance: 180

"Enjoy. Its basically a shorter version of wushu, and the opening move is usually a setup move to get to your oppenet. The shorter fracture and dismemberthresholds increase the carnage."

By: Redskins82
Turnframes:10,20,20, 15, 10, 30,10,20
Disqualification: 0
Fracturethreshold: 50

"A short form of judo with a smaller dismember threshold and a very small dojo, so you have to think on your feet when choosing your move. Also your move can be more varied due to the small amount of the turnframes."
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