Battle Pass
View Poll Results: What items from the following would you like to get for free?
512 Head Texture
208 Votes / 45.32%
One Punkspike
30 Votes / 6.54%
Dq Texture
49 Votes / 10.68%
Dq Sound
33 Votes / 7.19%
A girlfriend
139 Votes / 30.28%
Voters: 459. You may not vote on this poll
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Original Post
The saga reborn. BEST PAWN SHOP opened again!

*sponsored by Rick Harrison*

Some simple rules

*Check my current TC before offering*
*You name what you are selling*
*Let's have fun hagglin'*
*Enjoy your deal*


This is a very longevous pawn shop, hence you can expect a good offer!

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