i bid 1400 for acid.
Don't change my title you asshole
By your auction rules, I have won the following items because 24 hours have elapsed:
Radioactive Relax - 450
Radioactive Force - 450
Bronze Relax - 600
Marine force - 250
Chronos Force - 300
Chronos Relax - 300
Chronos Blood - 600

Please confirm, I will send 2950 toricredits afterward

Also, bid for Acid Relax - 1500
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acid relax 1600
Hi. I used to be a damn good mod (wayback 2008 and earlier) and then veb made me not a mod.
Been playing competitive Team Fortress 2.
I'm out men. I'm not so crazy to spend all my money for thing, that's price is 1250. I'll better wait for restock.
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Sorry, I haven't been on for a while, I will check now for the joints.
Volt gets all mentioned in his post, for that price.
Insane, you get marine for 260.
Volt, total price is 2950, if you cannot pay that, then remove some from your list and they will be added back on to my list of for sale. Also, acid if included will make 4550, but acid is not yet over. Volt, confirm your order with me by pm, because it is such a big order.
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