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[Q&A]Items & Torishop
So this thread's main purpose is to answer any questions in either items and torishop.

Be sure to check the Player's newspaper and support for any bugs.

For any questions about TC selling go to the TC seller's union and for flames, go to the Flame forger community. Both are in the official organization sub-board.

ToriCredits Selling Rules

Flame Forger Rules

For NEW tc sellers and forgers, please read their rules carefully. The staff wants the accidents, incidents and rule breaking into a minium zone.

If you want to buy TC or flames, go to these people.

For ToriCredits

For Flames

Q & A
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Because some people are too lazy to look for these links, here are links to the org's that aspire mentioned in the first post.

Tc Sellers Union:

Toribash Forging Community:
Read the Market Rules
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Thanks gumfighter. In mobile and I can't go to one link at a time