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Betting server rules overhaul
Hello, this is a personal suggestion from me in the name of myself.

Betting servers are something usually hosted daily, so i guess it'll be better if we have a written rules for it. there are some bad and good things that happened daily with the current betting servers hosted by people.

i'll only say the points of this post, These are the rules i'm suggesting:

1. Selfbet/Sponsor is only allowed to be done on the first turn. Failing to selfbet/sponsor, Operator is obligated to fknock the player.

~~~~~ This is to prevent people playing and not betting because of unexpected events happened.
~~~~~ This kind of action is ruining the queue because they have been nudged to 1 and make people wait just to see them get a free match.

2. Operator is allowed to use the "/pause on" command on the first frame if the player who is selfbetting/got a sponsor is almost forgot to bet. and "/pause off" after they done it.

~~~~~ This is also to prevent people constantly get fknocked just for not selfbetting/sposnoring

3. Player is allowed to lower their selfbet/sponsor amount after a selfbet/sponsor war to get the first place in queue ONLY if both party agrees.

~~~~~ For better betting experience, right.

----------------IN CASE THE RULES ABOVE IS NOT APPLICABLE---------------

1. If a player who's selfbetting get decapped, whether they did the selfbet/sponsor or not, Operator is not allowed to fknock the player or will result a ban.

~~~~~ This is also to prevent operator easily "saving" their servers from dying.
~~~~~ As we already know, decapprize are public rewards, therefore if one person decapped their opponent, they win the decapprize none the less.

2. Operator is allowed to use the "/pause on" command on the last betting frame if the player who is selfbetting is almost forgot to selfbet. and "/pause off" after they done it.

~~~~~ This is to prevent people constantly get fknocked just for not selfbetting

Looking forward to hearing feedback from whoever reading this.

Nb: I know there are /selfbet and /sponsor command, but it's kinda redundant without the "min raise function" & if people pinged while in queue they lose their tc, right.
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I like the idea of someone who didn't fulfill their selfbet not being fknocked, however, as a bet server host you would want to in order to prolong your server.

I fully support the idea of being allowed to use /pause on during the last bet frame though.

Good revision altogether, in my opinion.
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these are some amazing suggestions, i would love to see this implemented
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You could always make your own thread like Ping's How to host a successful bet server and Devil's old thread back in 2012. But in your thread you could add the rules you think should be implemented in future bet servers. I personally think this is a great first step into getting these idea's implemented so that you could get other bet hosts to continue with these new rules.

I would love to see all if not most of these officially implemented, most hosts can almost make their own rules up now and it all honestly seems misunderstanding for those who go into different bet servers with different things going on, for example some hosts already do "/pause on" on the last frame and I have personally even set betframes to 20 in some cases so that people can bet first frame also to make sure people actually counter properly.