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10k tourney
Add 10k tourney with higher belt restrictions (10th Dan or sum) I believe ppl would join and deal with the mild wait of a small tourney for 10k with "competitive mods" rotation
2.5k is usually filled (if ever) by 4 new players and 1 master belt or higher, it's kinda sad lmao

There's pretty much no other way of making TC (in-game, not going to forums n shits) after u milked the rewards from achievements

Also 15 mins wait for the 2.5k tourney is kinda.. :| nobody waits that long. So might be better to reduce that and maybe players would stay after one tourney ends cuz e v e r y o n e leaves when they read 15 mins till the next tourney. So it makes it unreasonable for anyone to join, both new players cuz of what I already explained and old players cuz goddamn 15 mins for 2.5k is just dumb

Maybe then betting servers would appear and be alive more often, cuz let's be real most of the TC is held by a small ass portion of the player base, and if they're not around, no bets happen cuz there's no TC obviously
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you can't agree with him on it because u know 99% of everyone who has any real amount of tc spent real $ on it and that would piss them off lol, not because what they're asking is unreasonable

everything comes from where you come from, you can start from zero and have money with a lot of effort, it took me years to do and achieve what I can today, without spending any money in the game, in the same way I know more than 10 active players who are in same condition as me, in not spending anything and earning a lot of tc, with a lot of effort and work, many of the textures I make, it takes me weeks, if not months to improve and leave them the same, the flames that I've been improving for years, I can put several people who can do the same, it is true that this area has few people with skills, but if you were born in a golden cradle and manage to maintain wealth, then there is no point in continuing with it, the world works like that, the clique of the rich always it was the same and it always will be. Likewise, there are those who start with zero tc and rise to wealth through their own efforts. On toribash, there are several ways to do tc without spending a single real money. There are public tournaments that are always active no matter if it's 2.5k/5k/10k. if you add 10k, wait for a betting room to open, and try your luck, you can spend hours analyzing the players, bet on the last available frame which is 420, in the past I used to do that a lot, I got tired of having 5k and going up to 80 100k in a room betting. I also got tired of losing everything I had in a betting room. The fact that toribash's wealth is concentrated in a single group of players makes them the best, but there will always be those who will be the best of the best, and who will manage to make their wealth from scratch and join this group. Textures, Flames, items, duels, etourney, the WEEKEND, public tournaments.... Your opinion in my view is very constructive and everything, but I think I'm seeing someone who says he's going to go to the gym to get strong at the end of the year , impressing girls, but never having the guts to join a gym. Sorry if I don't understand everything, my English is bad.
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There's people who start off with near nothing and end up with millions of TC without having to muster up any USD to begin with. There are a small minority yes but it's not impossible. Two examples would be rags to riches participants and everyday duelers in lobbies. Both involve the notion of investing enough time to acquire some sort of skill inclining you towards the goal of obtaining more TC. 99% however would be no where near accurate.

hey new player! i know you just wanna play a game and have fun, but if you wanna customize your character, you get to study prices for hundreds of items so you can trade them and make razor thin margins!

also there's no real way to look at price history, so there's no real way to know if you're getting fucked over on a shitty deal because you haven't played this game for years like everyone else!

also prices on items randomly fluctuate because barely anyone plays this game, and there have been numerous instances of one single guy completely fucking the price for an item/group of items!

not quite your speed? well don't fret! instead u get to duel!

u get to play against all the other guys who (once again) have been doing this for like 5 years!

also they all use a script that saves their moves for them!

also none of them will play with you or help you learn unless you have tc to duel them with! because they're tc junkies! have fun!

eat a dick
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Say if a mid-tier desirable color such as Azurite was obtainable via a week of game-play, I highly doubt a player would feel the sense of achievement they sought out for (or didn't). Instead, they'd look up at other stuff you could only realistically get with real money and desire those items much strongly. In the end, its just frustration observed in every game (that involves purchases with real currencies) of "that item is so sick, why does it cost so much?"

fuck off, play 100 games a day for the next 50 days and tell me it was a rewarding experience. a normal person is going to play this game for like 20 or 30 mins a day AT MAX, which at most is like 5 games (for new players that lose every game even less.) i GUARANTEE you, no account made after today will ever reach 5000 qi organically, they will either have to grind quick aikido (FUN FUN FUN FUNF UN) or buy qi (FUNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUN)

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Where the item is probably sick because it costs so much and the only easy way to get it is spending real money.

we're not vendor npcs man nobody gives a fuck about the prices of items, we just want to look cool while flying around kicking each other

when someone with a job and a life asks "how did you make your guy look so cool" and they hear either "years of time" or "i spent real money" they either stop caring about customization entirely or they quit playing the game
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lot of effort, it took me years to do and achieve what I can today without spending any money in the game

with a lot of effort and work,

it takes me weeks, if not months to improve

there has been one toribash account made in 2023
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Your opinion in my view is very constructive and everything, but I think I'm seeing someone who says he's going to go to the gym to get strong at the end of the year , impressing girls, but never having the guts to join a gym. Sorry if I don't understand everything, my English is bad.

my opinion is nobody wants to work 8 hours a day, then come home and "work out" for the ability to change the color of their guy

compare tb with rocket league. both games are very novel and also hard to learn. difference is rocket league bombards u with customization options while u learn, and if u have ever played rocket league, u will know that most everyone who picks that game up immediately gravitates towards customization. u know why? because it's something fun to do while you're still learning how to play. with toribash, u are GATED by MONTHS of progress (years for a casual player, decades for a casual player that likes to play other games) unless your favorite colors happen to be business casual khaki brown gladiator or raw fish pink chronos

anyways i'm not here to suggest anything, i'm just here to release some vitriol from my system cuz i'm a negative guy as long as this game allows for real money trading, it will forever stay a side hustle for south americans and eastern europeans tryna put some pudding and rare roast beast on the table

trying to come up with solutions for this shitty economy is useless when it comes to u guys because u guys are already too caught up in the shit and have been for years