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General clan information and policies
Clan Communications: this is not a requirement to join the clan... it just helps ALOT! The clan communicates through one of three things. its either MSN, Xfire or Steam. If you do not have any of these (excluding steam because u need to have special stuff for that) it is strongly reccomended that you get them for Communication purposes. Such as telling you what room we are in etc.

Clan Rankings: yes, this clan also has a ranking system based on the way you act, the way your tori looks (flying the soup flag and whatnot) and but kicking. the ranks are as follows: initiate, Scolar, Evoker, elite and leader... but there is only one leader otherwise there are waaaay to many arguements

Clan aim: To help others rank up in the belts and improve their fighting technique.

Clan Organisation: We'll be hanging around the Aikido and Wushu areas but we can also be found in Kickboxing, Judo and Teakyon. MSN's are also very highlt recomended as it is the clan's easiest way to contact u about... stuff

Clan Rules: expect the clan to throw a joke or two at you. this clan is a fun loving one but we're serious about training and the clan itself but other then that it is pretty relaxed. no swearing though. (glare)

Clan Desciption (basic): ok so pretty much, when u join soup u enter as an initiate and through respect and a lot of but kicking you can rank up in ranks... i'll also send out prizes to players via internal clan tournaments. This clan is also A LOT of fun and we're also pretty active most of the time. We dont recruit because of skill (only some consideration goes into skill) but we mainly recruit on the basis of how u act. So summing up its just a fun loving clan full of cool people

Clan Policies: Yeh i know this stuff goes on... but it needs to be said... the clan will not tolerate any forms of Racism, sexism, or homosexuality jokes... depending on the content.