Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Oh yesh! SOUP OWNZ
1 Votes / 33.33%
Nope, unless theres chicken flavored soup!
0 Votes / 0%
2 Votes / 66.67%
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Original Post
Sorry fellow Soupians, especially Meta<3 Me gotta leave...
Sorry if this is all of a sudden. It's like have the tag [Soup] For no reason, no ones on, the only person I play with is Tastes-Nice, a former clan member. I've decided that I'll be joining [Addicted] With Tastes-Nice. So bye and good luck towards Soup victories!

~Ryu <3 Bai!
[T] | ORMO
[20:18] <@Cevius> Like semen?
You shall leave. We shall last for all eternity. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. SOUP FTW!!
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