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Ω Looking for Artistic People Ω

Hi there welcome to my clan....[Art]istic
Hope you enjoy the stay

Clan Statistic
The Clan Created:26 November 2011
Member Count (exclude leader and Co-leader):0

there is two way of Recruiting:you can choose the easy one or the hard one

The way of easy one

The way of hard one

Happy choosing

this is for someone got an invite from the leader or co-leader

Our Goal Is:
Have Unofficial Tag [ ]
Have Official Tag [ ]
Have 5 active and loyal member [ ]
Have 10 active and loyal member [ ]
Host 3 event [ ]
Host 5 Event [ ]

Our thread

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Hey man, sadly im allready in a clan wt art focus...
Its a old clan and its name are Omega, you are using the omegasign in your headline. No prob, but be aware of it, ppl could think this thread are ours.

peace out, and keep on writing and making cool/beautiful stuff.

Yours humble hazelbud[leader of Omega]
[WAPOW] ", Commissar we cant be sure yet _but it looks like he was killed by a hazelblunt object"