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✠Join Guardians

1, Read clan information which can be found here.

2, Read rules below carefully:
Respect the leader and co-leaders.
Do not mess with other Guardian members.
Be active both in-game and at forum.
You need to post at least once a week at clan board to show your activity.
You must have at least 2000 Qi.
You must have a proper English.
If you get inactive for long time without a good reason, you'll be kicked.
If you break or stop following any rules, you'll be kicked.

Post applications in Freeform. Make sure you inform us about everything that can be useful
He can tell his leader then leave but give it some time or else it will be clan hopping. Just say maybe you want to solo. But if it's too much I suggest just staying in your clan.
"Always Extreme at heart."
I don't check the forums or go in-game anymore, I have quit.