HI im Pab

So im brown belt. I have many fav mods but il pick 3
so here they are: Boxshu_Mushu,Taekwondo and judo.
Im not an alt dont worry. I left Fishy Fish but and Godly but i left both of the clans because of the same reason, They died. In the clan fishy fish the leader left and the other leader sold the clan it changed names to puzzle.The everybody left. Im so unlucky every clan i have been in died after a day.

Why would you need me?
Im a good teacher by teacher i mean instructor. In clan war i could be usefull
and if your in a deadly situation i could tell you what to do and save you.

My real life name is Patryk and im 14 years old. Currently i live in England, I am fascinated in bikes. i speak different languages including spanish and polish.

Thank you for your time.

Pabrwo ;)

I bikes


Replays : ...Learned more Tricks.rpl
The double-leg Hand spring.rpl
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Click this link to join (Penta) :
I like this, tells me a few things. I say yes to you,
If you want, We can test you too.
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thanks ;) and yes you could but when?

Maybe tomorrow, send me a pm. so I could remember.
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*trigg erhappy*
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*trigg erhappy*

~Read the rules.
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Quit posting, until you take it serious.
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Hello my name in Nate, or in toribash giremane, im black belt i have played toribash for about a year now.
I think i would be a good addition to drunk because im active much as i can, I love this game and i love ABD but kinda good at it.
I didnt leave any clans to join (Drunk) and my only alt i have is Dkillers i dont ever use him anymore. Im forum active every week i look at post and try my best to stay on topic. Now ill give you three replays.
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Zachftw1 App
*Belt: Brown :/
*competitive mods (No unofficial mods please.): I Mainly play judo but lately been wanting to try and practice up on my Akido.
*Alts? No alts currently.
*Did you leave any clans to join us? which were they? (optional) Yes, Massacre.
*Why would we need you? Well It's kinda me who needs you in a way, I'm just tired of an inactive clan. :/
*2-3 replays.: Now that you bring replays up 4.93 just came out and i completely replaced it with 4.92 and that includes my replays as well i guess will edit replays on to this as soon as i get a few.
*A bit of forum active.: I'm plan on being pretty active on the forums i mean i get on them everyday as it is.

Options not needed:
*real life name: Zach (if you couldn't tell)
*real life age: 19
*Country & GMT: USA EST
*Something cool about you!:I play guitar? if thats cool:P
*player card: *skype (for skype group): Yeah i have skype not sure if you want me to post it on here or not though.
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