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Hey : D

I'm prxz, Emily in real life. My belt is kind of hard to keep track of these days. Been changing IPs, made alot of alts, alot of different qi - 10th dan to master belt in total? I don't know, sorry ;c - and I hope have some alts doesn't affect my chances of getting in too bad. My country is Wales, in the U.K with a GMT of 0. My ingame activity is high (it's kind of worrying) and my forum activity is less so, because things like this april fools joke is driving me away from the forums, but i'm looking for a clan to keep me into the forums. Some of the mods I'm best in include: Aikido ralted mods, taekyyon, mushu, etc. (i'll leave some tk replays below (even though you didn't ask for them =>))

Yeah, i've been in some past clans - but not many. I was in Mythical for a while but I felt like it was dying and left. I haven't had any recent bans or infractions, infact i've only ever had 1 ban which was for a build-up of useless posts. weren't even uselesss... I'm currently in Uni, spending most of my free time browsing the forums, hoping to make a couple of friends and get a bit competetive in wars, so a clan kind of sounded like the best option to me: and this clan seemed like the best - a nice community.

Edit: Looks like my tk replays turned the opponent into uke. Not actually forged, just a bug I guess.

Finally, a non Free-Form application, I like it :> A Yes from me, but trying being more forum active. :P

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● Name(Ingame or Real name): Name in game is (Minimoe) Name in real life is Izaya
● Belt: 3rd Dan Black Belt
● Country: Florida
● Time Zone: +5 GMT
● Are you Active?: Yes
● Best mods: ABD, Aikido, Mushu, Wushu, and Boxshu
● Past Clans(And why you are no longer in those): Godly, Chaotic, Predator. I am not in them because they died, or leaders left.
● Recent Bans & Infractions? Yes or No?(If Yes, Explain why): I was banned due to arctic thinking I hacked someone But we sorted it out. It was a misunderstanding.
● About Yourself: I am 17 and I have a dream of becoming a USA marine.
● Reason for wanting to join: I want to join to have support and be a good use to the clan.

A yes from me.

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Hello everyone. I'm Sean, or you can just call me Hexboss. I'm a Canadian 14 year old who is addicted to Toribash. I can't stop playing it's been about 5 years. I'm blue belt now because I forgot the password to my alt, iNarwal. My time zone is +4 GMT. I am a very active player. I do most of my work ingame. I'm not as active on the forums. I get on it around 3 or 4 times a day. My best mods are ABD, Aikido and Xspar. One of my past clans was (Ice). They never went official, like ever. Even after a year, nope. I don't have any recent bans nor infractions. Anyways, I love to produce music and also enjoy a nice game of CS:GO once in a while. You're probably asking yourself, why should I join your clan? Well, I love to communicate to my team, and I also am very optimistic ;). I truly do have a passion for the game. Thank you so much for the oppurtunity.

Have a wonderful day!


Yay another non Free-Form (; A yes from me too!
Name: Ingame, Shinuke. IRL name, Daniel.
Belt: Blue belt (;-;)
Country: Philippines
Time Zone: UTC+08:00
Are you Active?: Ingame, Yes. Forums... Not so much. (Sorry.)
Best mods: Aikido and Abd
Past Clans(And why you are no longer in those): None. (This may become my first clan! )
Recent Bans & Infractions? Yes or No?(If yes, Explain why): No. None that i know of.
About Yourself: Let's see... I'm a 13 year old filipino and... I like anime? I don't know, Sorry. (Help please.)
Reason for wanting to join: I want to experience the clan life! :3
Wait. What's a signature?
Shinuke, I feel like more could've been added to the app. I would also like to see how you play in game, but sorry. It's a no for me.
For Non Free-Form:
● Name(Ingame or Real name): IGN: Mattplayz real: Matt
● Belt: Blue
● Country: America
● Time Zone: –5
● Are you Active?: yes
● Best mods: twin swords and judo
● Past Clans(And why you are no longer in those): nope none
● Recent Bans & Infractions? Yes or No?(If Yes, Explain why): no
● About Yourself: I am a 13 year old youtuber i love to have fub
● Reason for wanting to join: i love to meet new people and just mess around
Sorry, but I don't believe that you have put in enough effort in this application, that's a no from me, but feel free to make another app later!
Look Element & Fox, i know there isn't much detail in this app.
But I know him quite well, and we are friends, it would mean a lot if you would let him in.
A yes from me