Lots of details and I like the information about your personal life added, also the non Free-Form made your app a 15/10 overall a great app.

I agree with Element, in the terms that I should be able to let myself into this clan. amazing app with lots of detail
● Name(Ingame or Real name): FreakyDope or Raymond
● Belt: Blue
● Country: USA
● Time Zone: EST
● Are you Active?: Yes.
● Best mods: Judo and Akido
● Past Clans(And why you are no longer in those): I have not been in any clan yet.
● Recent Bans & Infractions? Yes or No?(If Yes, Explain why): No.
● About Yourself: I am a bright player who is very competitive and hopes to bring an edge to 9 Lives. I play to the best of my ability and win several of my games. I rage at moments but I always overcome my rage and accept my loss and look back at what I did to better myself for the next opponent. I am a Grappling style player and like to pull my opponents towards me. I do best in Akido and Judo but in any other Mod I struggle.
● Reason for wanting to join: I would like to join 9 Lives as a way to enter a whole new side of Toribash. I hope that if I am accepted I will do my best and bring a Competitive edge to this Clan.