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(1st) 1st Recruitment


IF DENIED you may apply again after 2 WEEKS. Thank You for your effort!
We are mostly an IN-GAME recruiting clan but you may post an app here.

This application MUST be freeform.
Belt (min black):
Best mods:
Why you would like to join:
Past clans:
What can you bring to the clan:
About yourself:
Ingame activity (1-10):
Forums activity (1-10):
And if anyone recommended you :
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Hello my name is Chris Walton, I am a black belt in Toribash and I am currently looking for a clan to join. My best mods in Toribash are mostly striking mods like Rk-mma, Mushu, Boxshu, and Wushu. If I were to play a gripping mod you would find me at aikido most of the times. I would like to join 1st to have a family like experience. With big clans, it's more focused on the stats of the clan instead of interacting with their actual members. I want to get to know every last one of our members and hope to make a bright future for myself in this clan. I myself have never been in any clans before, this being my first application. I want to contribute and add to the clan is a reassuring force in strike mods and a tad bit of Parkour. I would bring a good representation of what 1st is made of in striking mods and yet friendly while doing so.
Me personally, I am a man of solitude. I like being in silence, this being my personality outside of Toribash. In-game you probably wouldn't know what I would say next at all.. I am the most random of people you probably will ever meet. My gmt Mountain Time Zone UTC-7:00 I live in Colorado Springs Colorado. I am almost active every day in game 9. On the forums thought I am hardly active at all, pretty much 1.
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hello my name in game is tanjeed and some of your clan members recommended me and i am 6 games from black belt so dont really matter and i wish to join because you people seem like a nice clan and i will contribute in mods like judo and ABD so please invite me ill be so happy =D
also i know this is short
2nd app hello my name is above and the other info some additonal info is that im close to black belt and i think i can help u guys out with wars and stuff also i think i will be able to do great in wars so i live in the US and ive been in ur recruitment server and fought so please lemme join ill be so happy

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Whats up, my name is David, I'm a master belt (currently global rank: 15) ^-^, I would like to join because I'm looking for a chill and competitive group to excel with! My best mods are basically any Aikido mod and Mushu. I can offer the clan my great personality :^) and my skills in my best mods which I stated ^^. My in-game activity would be an 8 and my forum activity would be a 6. Kickass242 reccomended me. I'm 17 years old, some personal things about me: I hate writing (can you tell :^)), I like basketball and video games, I'm nice and... Yeah :^) <3
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