I have a mod i'd like an official room for!
I've gone and tested it with many people and i've only gotten good feedback!
the modname is oginaimasu2.tbm
Hi Fear, can we have more ninjutsu.tbm?

I remember many people used to play this mod and i'd love to see it back.
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I would like to see a quick aikido server with no grab.
Its pretty common, especially for high belt players, to play aikido without grabbing.

So if there would be another qa room, but with 7 flags, that would be great.
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As you know, pendulujumper used to be public mod and it is still loved by many up to this day, its one of those mods that is competitive, but in a different way than most mods which makes it unique and very fun, however, it was removed from public rooms in general and now in order to enjoy this mod unofficial rooms have to be made.
I believe that this mod should be implemented into public rooms section again. I can bet that many people would come to play it so it would not be an empty room and since ranking in public rooms got disabled I don't see how could it affect anyone negatively in any way.
Please make a runkido3.tbm server, it may have died once but everyone loves the mod, it wont die again if it becomes an official server mod.
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Katana Aikido as a Public Mod
Katana Aikido was a mod i discovered like 2 weeks after i joined the Toribash community, and i instantly fell in love with it.

But for some reasons nearly no one knows it and thats what i want to get changed.

It is a Weapon mod thats based on Aikido, you use wooden Swords that can fracture and sometimes decap your opponent (But it needs a lot of force to cut). The target of the game is to bring the other player to the ground or push him outside the ring.

The most people i showed it had fun while playing it. I want it to become a public mod not only because i like it but also because its a good training for weapon Spars.

I´ll add a Replay that shows the mod.
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