"I challenge you to a spar!?!?"
Exclaimed lilmali97!!!

Just kidding.
But may I spar with you sometime?
I bought a subscription to Wibbles so I think this quote is necessary,
"Be careful when gazing into the void, for it gazes back"
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Lawl, you guys always ask to spar on the wrong time. Sorry, I'll be busy on Sunday (GMT: -8 ), same goes for Monday (maybe).

It may be irritating to see a new sparring replay of me against someone and you were the first to ask me to spar before him/her. I just spar at a random time and I will most likely spar when asked in-game.

So yeah, better chances to spar with me if you find me in-game.
Come one everyone ;_; , I have 1k+ views but only less than 100 comments.

^That, I would gladly spar with you. You'll have a better chance of sparring with me by finding me in-game.
Sorry to anybody who requested to spar and never gotten one, I'm just too lazy to set up a schedule for sparring.
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I don't really like this replay and it was made about a week now.

So Imah just post this just to bump this thread and for others to view.
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I never get tired watching your sparring.
How long have you done this for?
Your one of the best, if not the best, at sparring MP.
| tom |
I started on February til now.

I'm getting bored of sparring now, but I'll eventually come up with another replay just to bump this thread.

EDIT: Oh and thanks for the compliment x]. Realistic MP sparring is one of my best Toribash talents because each turn I have +45 seconds to think about which joints to move while in Single player I don't put as much time and thought as I do in MP sparring.
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Hmm, well I a sparred with lilmali97 yesterday, he left during the match without me having time to save it (Although, I did had a good time making it for nothing). So I'll show you this very crappy sparring replay.
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