all your replays are nice, smooth, and badass.

I really enjoy sparing with you and it's always fun to meat you ingame
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Hi guys, it's me! That's right, I'm back from my inactivity and bringing this dead thread back alive.

Here's the first replay of a new start.
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Nice stuff! 8-10/10 on your spars, you're fast, and you can move. Sorry for the shitty CnC.

What mod was the city-like one?
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Fluid moves,
Your kicks and spins are epic and you have a nice fluid style.
your jumps are nice and your punches are strong, your spar had coolness but humor.
He nice to see u back
I realy enjoyed ur new replays!
for the first one ill give u 8/10 cuz in comparison to the other its not that good ;)
and for the sparr with rubber ill give u 9/10 because we had to wait pretty long to see ya spar in this replay fucking soccer xD !!
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