I dont know if the answer is already mentioned in another thread before,

Will we(non steam player) will be able to play toribash without steam if toribash will be realesed on steam?
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The last time we talked, you said Toribash uses ODE for physics. Does Toribash still use ODE?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to move away from it and create a faster, better physics library in order to optimize the game and the amount of calculations done? Now that Toribash is a fairly popular game, it would be very beneficial to optimize it as much as possible.
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Is it true, that GM's control Hampa' s account? Anyways, nice idea Hyde.


Hampa sir, what happened to purchasing toricredits with the almighty 'Onebip'?
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Sir Hampa will make you Toribash more real life like the joint more real life
will you add muscles?
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