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Translations for Toribash
Hi, we're looking for help with Toribash 5.4 translations.

Similar procedure as with initial localization, approved translations' authors will be rewarded with 1k per line. If you're planning to work on a translation, please make a post to let us know.

English localization spreadsheet - includes both main menu and tutorials' localization strings on separate lists.

Please don't re-translate strings that were already translated (see data/script/system/language/ files to know if your language was translated earlier), all main menu strings that were added after 5.23 are marked with green.

If you want to translate Toribash to a language that wasn't included before, please make sure you also translate all strings "Old UI Localization" List in spreadsheet.

More info:

If there are any strings that look confusing (e.g. you can't understand when they're used / context is unclear), please ask here. It would be simpler for me to write additional explanations than having multiple users to fix their translations because they got the meaning wrong. Make sure you check the game client first though, chances are you'll understand the meaning better when you see a working example.

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So you're not looking for languages besides the listed ones or any language is welcome?

Any language is welcome, but we'll need to find trusted users to confirm other translations before we can make sure they're ok to be used.
Quick note: the linked translation from OP is only to be used as a template, please don't request editing perms.

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I can do Lithuanian but I suppose there wouldn't be many users to confirm it. However if you could find any use of it let me know and I'll get working on it.

Feel free to do a translation and then we'll look for other players to double-check after it's ready. This applies to everyone who can translate to an unlisted language.

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for the spreadsheet, i do the translation on C board or i replace the B ?

C board is used for string descriptions when context is unclear. Use B board (though it doesn't really matter if you're using a table, I can always hide the unnecessary columns).
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Don't know anyone from Portugal though.

Ex Mikorin
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wow 650k
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Ok it took me more time to get back to these, apologies.
Some translations I couldn't get verified by other people, so you'll get slightly less TC for them.

No access, can you make it available for viewing when accessed by url?

Sent 150k, let me know if you translate any more strings so I can include those too.

Sent 415k, nice work. Let me know if you translate other tutorials / old UI though.

Sent 79k to Pegasus for translating strings that were added after 5.23.
Sent 279k to you for main menu translations, 137k for tutorials and 21k for old UI translation.

Sent 358k for main menu translations and 72k for tutorials.

Special symbols look good. Had some issues with bold effect for words in caps in tutorials but fixed it.
You didn't include kicking tutorial translation though, was that one translated too?
Sent 100k.

Nice job. Don't know anyone from Portugal though, so sending 650k only. Let me know if there are any people willing to check the translation.

Made some fixes to it, but good job overall. Sent 137k.
There were new strings to translate in new ui though, any plans for those?

I don't know anyone from Portual (I know people from brazil but I already explain the language difference).
When can I get the TC?
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pusga is from portugal, you could ask him

Pusga isn't Brazilian?
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Brazilian Portuguese Translation:

Pegasus: From 1 to 250 of the 'Main Menu' (Click here)
Life: From 251 to 529 of the 'Mein Menu (Sent to Sir)
Full Intro Tutorial, Punching Tutorial, Kicking Tutorial, Fight Uke Tutorial, ComeBack Practice and Old UI translations. (Click here)

There are some things in my translations that I didn't found some words that would fit good, so feel free to edit anything you think that can fit better.

Typo on line 121, it says "membrs" instead of "membros"

line 129 might sound better with "Procurar clã" or "Procurar clãs" instead of "Procure em clãs"

grammar error on line 149: it should be "possui", not "possue"

typo on line 43: "pro" should be "por"

typo on line 50: "voccê" should be "você"

lines 84 and 86: the words "Você tem" are written twice.

line 208: the word "season" was not translated despite there being a direct translation, why?

line 219: "quantidade" in "diferentes quantidade" should be plural as well you know, concordance.

line 227: I think that "adicione jogadores ou clãs inteiros na sua lista" sounds better than "para sua lista", not sure if the current one is wrong but it sure does not sound right.

Originally Posted by Life
There are some things in my translations that I didn't found some words that would fit good, so feel free to edit anything you think that can fit better.

do you want a second opinion? if so feel free to send them to me on discord.
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I don't know anyone from Portual (I know people from brazil but I already explain the language difference).

Isn't Yoyo still around? Iirc he's Portuguese, so is Pal...
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dutch is done ?
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Update, got some new phrases for translation.

English localization spreadsheet
All new phrases are marked with yellow (line 530+).
Tried to write some explanations for SEARCHRESULTS and STORESALE phrases, if those didn't help please let me know.

If you're quick you may get your translations in 5.41!