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Advanced Tricking Tutorial
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As the title infers, this is an advanced tricking tutorial, we will be going over various landings, transitions, and tips that will improve your tricking creativity and skill overall. If you are not already decent at tricking, this is the wrong place for you, please master your basics before you try to jump to more advanced techniques, this will benefit you and your skill as a whole.

Complete: Also named by the number of rotations completed, such as single, double, triple, etc, the complete landing is the most common landing because it requires the least rotation, has a natural feeling, and is widely utilized for swingthrough transitions into corks and gainers. Simply stated, the complete landing stance lands on the outside kicking leg with the performer’s momentum traveling backward. It could be described as similar to landing from a backflip, but on the outside leg. This landing will most often be in approximately a backside stance.


Hyper: This stance is similar to the complete, but lands on the inside leg. This generally means an additional amount of rotation is necessary. This often comes in the form of approximately 90* of additional rotation, most often landing in approximately backside or inside stances. This landing is widely utilized for its ability to swingthrough into master and grandmaster tricks(GMS), and wraps, as well as carrythrough or swingthroughs into the raiz axis.

-Cork Hyper.rpl

Less utilized than the ‘backward’ landing stances, complete and hyper, the mega and its brother the semi are growing in popularity. The mega is simply described as an additional 90* rotation past hyper, landing on the outside kicking leg. Many people simplify this to a ‘hypered hyper’. What this means in practice, is that a mega landing is a hyper landing facing the opposite direction, into the momentum, on the opposite foot (the same foot as a complete landing). This landing allows for transitions into aerial and btwist axis tricks.

-Cork Mega(megacork).rpl

Semi: As mentioned in the mega description, the semi landing position is growing in popularity, but it is barely ever used in the toribash community. It can be described as 90* past the mega position, landing on the inside kicking leg. In practice, this means that a semi landing is like a hyper landing, but facing the opposite direction. This landing allows for straight frontswings into the raiz axis. There is still some confusion on the use of the semi tag when communicating. Because landings are most often used as prefixes or adjectives, the term semi is hyphenated with the next full rotation above it. This means that a cork that lands semi, but has not passed the double complete stance is called a semi-double cork. An easy way to understand this is to say that the cork has been passed, and is half way (semi) to double. It is not uncommon for people to try to bypass this term in favor of ‘cork-semi’, but this can cause some confusion among those who have long used the semi-double language. Arguably, landings as suffixes is more logical, but the pervasive use of terms like ‘hypercork’ and ‘megacork’ call for the continued use of ‘semi-double’ instead of ‘corksemi’ for consistency. You don't really land in this position unless you are planning on doing something out of it.

-Cork Semi(semicork).rpl

Now, why is all of this important? I see many people in tricking stick to the same old techniques, landing in complete or hyper, inserting some sort of transition and then doing another complete or hyper trick. Is this bad? No, not at all! But, with the use of the other two landing stances, mega and semi, you are able to be more creative, unique, and technical with your transitions and tricks, allowing more variety for combos and also giving you the possibility to conserve your momentum as much as you can throughout your combos.

-Cork Mega > Aerial Semi > Carrythru Sideswipe(Fake Hyper).rpl

Anyway, this has been the introduction to the Advanced Tricking Tutorial, where we have went over only the basic landings used for transitional variety. The next tutorials will be Advanced Landings,Intro to Transitions, Transitional Mastery, and others as well as more in-depth detail on execution.

Feel free to ask any questions!
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