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Belt restricted subforums
basically how belt restricted servers work, but they're forums where you can shitpost to give players (like me) an incentive to play the game rather than just lurk the forums
Mmh that's not a really good idea, it's would involve to a lot of shitpost, harsh, and will give to the low belt the idea to farm the belt.
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Sure, how about we make that elite belt+? That's some great incentive, right? I don't encourage shitposting, nor does most of staff. You'd have to REALLY earn it if you wanted something like this ever.
I think I might be retired.
yeah but what would these threads be used for? shitposting? why do you need an exclusive thread to shitpost for your belt wtf?
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Be more straightforward with your uplifting messages or I'll fucking skin you alive.
There's no board we don't have that would give any incentive to farm ranks that we don't already have.
I think I might be retired.