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Getting started on Toribash - everything you need to know
Hey there! If you're reading this, you've probably just found your way to Toribash and might be confused about things. This tutorial is here to answer all the questions that you might have.


Where do the names Tori and Uke come from?
Tori and Uke are terms commonly used in Japanese martial arts, meaning
attacker and defender. Read more here: http://www.judoinfo.com/kataju.htm

If your Toribash doesn't look as fancy as you see in the videos/pictures..
The first thing you will notice ingame as that things might not look as fancy as you've seen on videos. This is because you don't have shaders activated. To do that,

1) Go to the Toribash menu

2) Go to setup -> options - tick "shaders" and everything below it.

Here's a picture that shows the difference of shaders and non-shaders:

If you don't see the Toribash menu at all
Another problem you might have right away is not seeing the Toribash, menu like this:

This means that you don't have your graphics card's drivers updated. You'll have to go to start > run > dxdiag > display to find out what graphics card you have and download the matching drivers. If you can't find them, feel free to make a thread at our Support board and we'll figure it out for you.

How do I make my character have different colors or a custom head/body?
If you've played Toribash for a while, you might notice that people have customized characters. To do this, you must gain Toricredits and use them to buy stuff.

1) To get different joint colors and more, go to the Torishop and buy the items that you like.

2) To have a custom body or a head, you need to buy textures (click here). After you've done so, you can design your own texture on any art program and upload it as your texture.
Here is a tutorial on how to make and preview your own textures.

How do I gain enough toricredits to buy items?
There are different ways to earn toricredits.

1) Buy toricredits and boosters - it costs real life money, but is the most effective way. You also get a lot of free promo items that you can use.

2) Win tourneys - the promobot will advertise them every once in a while. Sometimes you don't even need any real skill to win them, just luck will do.

3) Make and sell art - textures, signatures, avatars, custom toribash menus, whatever. Make them and sell them.

4) Of course win games in official servers, which gets you 10 TC per win.

5) Check out the events board, people make different competitions there - art, replays, etc. Sometimes it's just creative stuff. Prizes can be pretty big there.

More after the jump. (stupid 10000 char rule :/)
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How do I play Multi player?
Press Escape, choose Multi player from the menu, login, and press Enter. If there is more than 1 player on the server you will be placed last in the queue, where you can spectate the ongoing game(s) while waiting for your turn. When its your turn, you have to press Space to start the game. Now you control the player in the same manner as in single player. The difference is that you and your opponent only have 20 seconds to decide your moves before time advances 10 frames, and then you have another 20 seconds before time advances again, it continues like that until time reaches zero, or until a player gets disqualified. (See next question) When time reaches zero the player with the most points win. And finally, last man standing rule applies, you win you stay. You loose, it's back to the queue.

Why do i sometimes get disqualified and the game ends even if time isn't up?
Only hands and feet are allowed to touch the ground. A player who touches the ground with any other body part or joint is disqualified. When this happens a circle is drawn in the color of the player that lost (red or blue). The origin of the circle is where the body part touched the ground. NOTE: Disqualification is not enabled in every mode.

So how do I chat with other players?
Press 'T' or ENTER(Return) and type your message. Flaming and abusive behavior is not tolerated.

I was gone and my player's turn came up. When I got back, I was in spectators. Why is that?
If you're idle(not moving) for two turnframes, you get put in spectators because it makes it too easy for the opponent and is unfair if they get TC and QI for not doing anything.

How do I set up my own server?
In the multiplayer loby, click "Create" then type your desired room name in the field. Click the "create" button to make your new room. From here you can set a mod using ctrl+m or the commands listed here.

Why won't Multi player work for me?
Make sure you check that your firewall is allowing outgoing connections. Also if you're using multiplayer for the first time and the firewall pops up and asks you if you wish to allow toribash.exe to connect to the internet, make sure you press 'yes' or multiplayer will fail to work in the future.

How do i kick, punch, grip etc?
First of you should try the in-game tutorial, once completed you should be kicking and punching in no time!
You can also watch the tutorial videos on www.toribash.com, or refer to the manual distributed with the game. And if you're not satisfied by then come visit us at the Beginner Sanctuary. A general beginner tip is not to set force on too many joints at the same time.

Who are those guys with a + or ~ infront of their names ingame? Who are all the colored people on forums?
People with a + infront of their name ingame are oldschoolers. This means that they joined the game before October 2007. There is no way you can become an oldschooler anymore. Oldschoolers do not have any special priviledges, except a board that only they can see. Said board is crazy awesome. You envy oldschoolers and wish you could be one.

People with a ~ infront of their name ingame are ingame admins - means they can kick you or change the rules of the server everywhere at all times. Ingame admins are usually either Super moderators, Promo-team/alpha team members or ninjas.

Full list of the Toribash leadergroups and what they do.

NOTE: All forum leaders have bold names.

*Clan admin
Clan Admins have black names. They manage the clan forums and clan discussion. They also can create and destroy clan boards.

GameMasters have dark blue names. They have admin in game. This means they have full moderation powers in multiplayer. One of their jobs is to help out noobs in the beginner rooms. They also help take care of troublemakers such as spammers and flammers. Finally, they organize and host tourneys and events in-game.

*Market Squad
The market squad primarily facilities and supervise the market board. They handle scams, reports and any other related market business. They have green names to represent they are part of the market squad.

*Super moderators
Super Moderators, or SMods, have blue names. They maintain the forums. This can include editing posts, moving threads, giving out infractions, etc. They are basically our parents. They help us out, but also provide discipline. You usually want to PM an smod before anyone else if you have a problem, they can either fix it, or redirect you.

They have red names and are pretty much souped up SMods.

Ninjas are the top tier of forum power. They are people like SlipAnc, SkulFuk, and suomynona. They are ninjas, so don't fuck with them. No colour or boldness is associated with the position of ninja.

Heres a thing reddevil said,
Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Welcome to our community!

I might as well tell you what the names are about. (The colours.)

The people with red names are part of the Alpha Team, which is the team that basically deals with the forum's larger problems, and they kind of manage the people with blue names, the Super Moderators, who keep the peace in-game and in the forums, through infractions and warnings. The Alpha Team and the Super Moderators also discuss the changes on the rule system, if it's necessary. Basically, Alpha Team are Super Super Moderators. :P

And there are the Local Moderators, who don't have any fancy colours, but they're listed under a board. They can delete, edit posts, move threads. So, basically, they're smaller scale Super Moderators, with no infraction power.

Sorry if this seems a little shabby, it's just to give you a little idea. ;)

p.s.: The community likes to treat Super Moderators as Smods, and the Alpha-Team as AT, or A-Team, so don't be confused.

Who is the developer of Toribash?
Hampa, now with a team, Nabistudios! Located in Singapore.

I've seen some near perfected replays where people pull off almost insane moves, how do they do that?
All replays can be edited with the E key. Playback your replay and hit E where you think your replay 'starts to go wrong'. Using the Pause key (P) coupled with Shift-P (for one frame stepping) find the exact frame where you want to start the edit. Now tweak your player into doing desired move, save and watch, now rinse & repeat lots and lots of times for perfection. Also, once you enter edit mode, all remaining time frames from the original replay are cleared.

Toribash on Linux?
Toribash does work on Linux, download the packages from the downloads page

Help, mods wont work!
Make sure the mod you want to play is in the Toribash/Data/Mods folder. In Toribash, press ctrl+m, and select the desired mod from the list. I suggest trying them all. If the mod doesn't work, contact the mod creator for more info.

What do the Game Rules do?
Match frames - length of the match
Turn frames - length of each turn
Engage distance - starting length between players. higher number for further apart
Dismemberment - turns dismemberment on and off
Disqualifications - turns disqualifications on ground impact on and off
Damage - turns self damage on and off (0 for no self damage, 1 for self damage as well as enemy damage, 2 for self damage only.)
Music - turns music on and off
Volume - 0-128, changes the overall volume
Dismemberment/Fracture Threshold - Sets the ammount of force required to dismember or fracture, respectively. 0 will instantly dismember/fracture every joint. Higher numbers mean it takes more force to dismember/fracture. 100 is standard.

Gameplay changes will take effect when a new game is started.

How do I take a screenshot?
Press 'F8' to take a screenshot. Screenshots are stored as bitmaps in the Toribash/Screenshots directory.

How does the forum ranking system work?
*0 - 29 Posts - Junior Member
*30 - 499 Posts - Member
*500 - 1499 Posts - Senior Member
*1500 - 2499 Posts - Forumite
*2500 - 3499 Posts - ub3r
*3500 - 4499 Posts - Raconteur
*4500 - 5999 Posts - Chatterbox
*6000 - 9000 Posts - Elitist
*9001+ Posts - Flagrant Meme

If you have a toribash prime, you can write whatever you want in your ranking. See how mine says:

"Death awaits me..."

What is the order of the belts in Toribash?
The order is based on Judo:
*0 - 19 Fights - White
*20 - 49 Fights - Yellow
*50 - 99 Fights - Orange
*100 - 199 Fights - Green
*200 - 499 Fights - Blue
*500 - 999 Fights - Brown
*1000 - 1999 Fights - Black
*2000 - 2999 Fights - 2nd Dan Black
*3000 - 3999 Fights - 3rd Dan Black
*4000 - 4999 Fights - 4th Dan Black
*5000 - 5999 Fights - 5th Dan Black
*6000 - 6999 Fights - 6th Dan Black
*7000 - 7999 Fights - 7th Dan Black
*8000 - 8999 Fights - 8th Dan Black
*9000 - 9999 Fights - 9th Dan Black
*10000 - 14999 Fights - 10th Dan Black
*15000 - 19999 Fights - Master
*20000 - 49999 Fights - Custom
*50000 - 99999 Fights - God
*100000 - 999999 Fights - One
*1000000+ Fights - Elite

After Elite Belt, the amount of Qi eventually resets at approximately 3 million, making you a White Belt with 0 Qi.
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Lua scripts?!
Lua scripts have been a part of Toribash since 2.7, for more info and tutorials on how to create scripts, check the Lua forum or The Scripts Directory
For detailed information on the Lua programming language, check http://www.lua.org/

How to use scripts from the script directory:
Originally Posted by Blam View Post
Right click the link to the script (what leads you to the page with writing), then click "Save target as", "Save link as" or something similar, save it to toribash/data/scripts and you should then be able to load it using the menu (setup -> scripts -> find script).

Hope this helps :>

And whats up with the Lobby?
The Lobby-system matches up two and two players and forwards them to the first available server. The players can then play on that server for as long as they want to, until they get tired of each other, and then go back to the lobby if they want a different partner. One of the features with the lobby-servers is that the player can change the gamemodes (turntimes, grip, mod, engage distance, etc etc) on the fly.

What are the .on.toribash.com links in some people's signatures?
.on links are Toribash's referral links. When someone visits the link, you will get 30 TC no matter who visits it... If the person who visited the link signs up in Toribash, you will get 100 TC!
To make one for yourself, go to http://on.toribash.com/ . There, fill out the fields and send to people who you want to play Toribash!
Notice that you're not allowed to post .on links anywhere in Toribash Community. This is really frowned upon, nobody likes it when you do it, and you will end up getting infracted, possibly banned.
You're allowed to use the .on link in your signature, though.

I have an awesome suggestion for Toribash!
Please post on the Suggestion board here:
http://www.toribash.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=53 , thanks!

Still not found what you're looking for?
* Contact KiTFoX

* If you are experiencing technical problems on Toribash, go to the support board on Toribash forums. You will be helped out there.

* If you still have random questions about Toribash/the forums, go to the Rapid Threads subforum.

* If you're looking for tutorials, check out the Tutorials Index under Tutorials. You might find what you're looking for there.

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