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Name:Joshua Johnson.

ToriBash Username: MGUNIT.

Belt: white.


Education / Qualification:Student.

Hobbies: PC, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Running and Bass Guitar.

Your Hobbies: PC, Mountain Biking, Tennis and Running

Your Goals:My goal is become a computer engineer and programmer.

Your Goals in ToriBash: My ToriBash goals are to qualify for a black belt and to just have fun.

About Yourself : I am short for my age, have brown hair and brown eyes. I don't like being younger than 15 because it makes me feel limited to what I want to do one day. I am looking for a job to do right after my birthday and am very social. My birthday is 17th January 1994 and I have 2 sisters, 2 step sisters,(this is where it gets complicated) 3 step brother-in-laws, 1 step sister-in-law, a step dad, a dad (deceased) an ex mother-in-law and a mother. OH! and I have a dog named Roxy.

Why You Joined ToriBash: I joined Toribash mainly because I wanted to just sit at my PC just to kick some digital ass to get my stress off of school and retarded friends and whatnot. I came across toribash a while ago actually, but I didn't really know how to play, so i left it. When I came past it (I think yesterday) again, I realized that it was AWESOME and started playing. I am currently kicking Ukes ass and am enjoying the stress-relieving hours of addicting destruction!

Why You Like To Post On The Forums:I like to post on the forums to hear about the wonderful things all of the players of toribash have to share. whether its losing against a noob, winning against a black-belt, its entertaining to know that other people are ready and willing to kick your ass no matter what, and then brag about it on the forums! The forums for me is a place to share my in-game experiences as well, and to see what I am up against (whether or not I post a video of me pwning Uke).

I would very much like to say thanks everybody for making toribash and its forums so great, and welcoming me into it!
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Welcome to Toribash Forums MGUNIT

Enjoy your time here and have fun.
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welcome MGUNIT, i like you already
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Nice post. Welcome to toribash
I like your hobbies/goals. Very similar to mine.
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yay for computer programming and techy stuff!
Welcome Buddeh and your welcome to spam me with any angry messages to let some steam go
Damn. This is what I wanted to see when I made this board :3
Welcome bro, enjoy your stay. Hopefully we can meet ingame one day ;o
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Hey there. Enjoy your stay here :] And i like your hobbies and goals :]
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I may not be able to play online for a couple of days, as my internet connection cant take so much bandwidth (Incase your wondering, it uses 30mb an hour just for BEING online, and I have 500mb capacity for each month). Hopefully I'll get a new connection going later on this week or month.