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Hello! I'm Phishy. My real name is Ostap Hnatyuk..(wierd huh?) I was born in ukraine, but have been living in the US of A for about 10 years. I'm currently 15.

Watching Grass grow
Playing bass, guitar.
Playing Computer(All the time)
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Good luck here, its quite a ride.

Flames and a Head already? Did you buy or earn those?

Welcome to home,bro.
Haha, nice head. Welcome to toribash
i have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle.
<DeadorK> fair maiden
<DeadorK> if the cum is going to be in your mouth
<DeadorK> it shall be in mine as well
I won the head, and textures.. but I had previous accounts so i earn the flame and actual texture items =-)

Welcome Phishy. Have fun and enjoy your stay. I hope to see ya ingame sometime ;)
[Sigma] [ORMO] [OLDA] [OSHI] [a]lly
You WON SECOND PLACE in my " Best Introduction Event"

Congratulations and I will send the ToriCredits shortly.

You've sent 1000 toricredits to Phishy
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