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Hello, i played toribash a while back, but came back now, now that it seems to be free xD
I just started playing again yesterday.

Quick question, whats QI?
Qi is the number of games played. The more Qi you have, the higher belt you are. For example, 500 Qi gives you a brown belt, 1000 Qi is a black belt, 2000 is a 2nd dan and so on.
Quit, probably.
That was such a big wall of text but I read it all, so don't worry.

Welcome to toribash. Hope you become hard to beat
Or maybe you already are :O
Hehe, i expecte some tl;dr, to be honest, i wouldnt read it :P

Well, im probably easy to beat, just maybe that one guy wasnt very good xD
Hey anytime ill go sparring with ye ima 3rd dan blaq just PM when BP