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[RIG]Advanced blender tori-rig
Tori rig... For Blender!
Last updated March 22, 2010

Fixed issues:

• The groin texture was backwards... now it's not.
• The right triceps and biceps were sharing a texture. It doesn't matter unless you used the replace image function, but here is a fix.
• The leg textures were mixed up before. Again, it doesn't really matter unless you were using "replace image", but here is another fix.

• Proportions are now completely perfected, thanks to avwayve for the exported model, straight from toribash itself. NOTE: The animations in this post are still of the old rig, but just to demonstrate the basic movement.

I would like some feedback. After you view/download this, tell me if you think the current release needs some fixes.
I have used my accumulated knowledge of blender's armature system to put together an advanced rig for blender. Why do I say advanced, you may ask? Well, so far, all joints move correctly, and with a lot of constraints, they don't bend in ways they shouldn't, such as an elbow bending backwards. For purposes such as walking and animations which involve holding a body part in place such as hanging from a bar, or feet on the ground while you jump, hands and feet have more freedom of movement.
So compared to my previous rig, which didn't have any IK solvers or constraints of any kind or even movable hands, I consider it to be advanced.
(I saved over the old rig, so I can't show you what it used to look like)

The whole rig in rest position

Those blue and red semicircles represent the threshold of movement for the joints, and will appear when you select the bones with these constraints.. This prevents the knees/elbows in check especially. Many axes of movement are constrained to move along one axis, as in the game. For example, the pecs move only along the z axis, so does the chest, the lumbar bends side to side (y axis), the abs goes forward and backward (x axis). This way, you aren't forced to make these sort of corrections yourself.

Here are some animations of the rig in action.

dragging the IK Mover bone up and down:

Moving it left and right:

Rotating it

Demonstration of working mechanics of the arm:


About the rig:

I've named all the bones and objects and maximized usability by locking bones which shouldn't move, such as helpers and IK controllers. There are two movers, the mainMover bone, which moves the entire rig stiffly, and the IK mover, which moves tori in the way shown in the first two animations. It is very useful for easily creating hopping animations (if you think it looks like a... err, you know... well, just think about pivot. I haven't heard anyone say "why do you have to drag the stickmen around by their crotches?"). As you can see by the third animation, you don't have to move the individual segments of the arm to create an animation, becaues, thanks to some IK solvers, you can simply grab the controllers and move them about, and the arm itself will move so that it matches a position your hand would be in wherever it moves, all while making sure not to bend in ways it's not supposed to. Drag it too far away and it will simply stop following you, rather than pulling off the whole arm.

About the tori:

Finally, the rig is not the only thing that this focuses on. I spent a lot of time to unwrap every single component of the body as it would be in the game, so you can put any set on it and it would show up in the same way. You can obviously see that by the pictures, but it's a great help. This was in fact part of my previous rig already, but I used some messy shortcuts, such as, in the assumption that people had symmetrical texture sets, using linked UV data and simply flipping the hands, arms, and legs, over the X axis. I've revised it completely, and now all parts have respective textures, and are named accordingly.

EDIT: well, that turned out to be a waste of time. Avwayve offered a better tori model with fixed proportions, so that is the new tori. The one seen in the gifs is the outdated tori model, but those just show that my rig works in principle.


And that pretty much sums it up.
The forum's 3d community seems to be using mostly Blender3d and C4d, and here we have a stickied C4d rig by stupinator. So, this rig shall be the blender counterpart.

So, to conclude, here is the file.

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Wow! very nice FoodEater!
I'll have lot's of fun with this one
[Edit] My blender lags and slows down to much when I use it
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Oh my god. If I had blender. I'd love this even more
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Originally Posted by Blood4eva View Post
This is epic, DaJoka blender is not that hard to learn.

so this is for Blender and C4d?


This is for blender, unless C4d can open .blend files. The c4d rig is provided by stupinator. I hope this gets stickied too