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New user Beylie
I found this games quite by mistake and now I'm trying to learn it, but alas, I still suck!

My ToriBash Username is Beylie. My belt is white. I'm 29 I'm a data analyst for a bank. My hobbies include astronomy, gaming, reading and i play guitar ( fav bands are Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed and Gogol Bordello ). My goal in ToriBash is just to have fun ( and rip my colleague a new one in the game )

I live in South Africa. I hate the crime here as the media makes it out to be not as bad as everyone thinks. It sucks to have a corrupt government. It sucks that we've got the most expensive internet in the world. I live with my girlfriend and she's awesome! :-) Will probably get married within the next year!

Anyway, the games looks great, plays great and I look forward to many fights with you!
Axe out.
Hello Beylie! Welcome to Toribash! If you're having trouble playing check out the extra Tutorials!.

Make sure you read the forum rules in a area before you post. Have a good time!

Astronomy sounds like a interesting hobby, have you seen a eclipse there?