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[Vid]Toribash Movie Tutorial!
NOTE:if your game doesn't freeze check out this thread

well someone out there asked for so here it is ^^(eventualy ill make it better)

1.Open up toribash and then go to the scipt page and click the scirpt "movie.lua"

2.Go into the replays menu and select the replay you want to record

3.Once viewing the replay press space to start recording and press scape and to have it look slow-mo in the end result and then space again to go back to normal.

4.once it's done recording something like we are makeing your replay into a mpeg toribash will freeze for a second movie made in [insert numbers here]_movie.mpeg rember those numbers there important.

5.Once you've done that it will create the movie for you then open up windows movie maker and go to flie-import into collections then go to the toribash 2.7 or what ever version folder and look for the numbers you were supposed to rember earlier and then drag it onto the time line and repeat with other replays add effect and vola you have just created a movie!
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very good simple u use little words so it doesnt complicate thing i think
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if god is with me and if i belived in god and im sure he is in the room with me, i just wish he brought a extention cord

Awww man i dont have windows movie maker is it a program you have to buy or download and if you have to but it how much does it cost
if you have a windows computer you have it i think go to the start button on the left corner and then click the all programs and look in there thats where mine is
Don't compact the screenies like that, makes them look tacky.
If your going to resize them, keep the aspect ratio the same.
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