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[DSC] Mecha

Love the retarded GIMP Logo.

We will ride throughout the land, eliminating human life. These pitiful beings must not exist. If they do, they shall get in our way. Help us on our quest. The reward shall be great.

Enemy's point of view: I moaned. Why the hell did I sign myself up for this battle against these hellish machines!? The smell of sweat, vomit, and blood filled my nostrils. Looking to my left, I saw my dead comrades. What the hell, I thought. What killed them? Then I heard it. I swallowed hard. I slowly turned my head. Standing in front of me was one of them. Light flashed before my eyes, and an excruciating pain shot through my entire body. In my last moments, I heard them talking about some sort of last plan...wiping out all the other clans...had to warn...the clans...

Clan aim
To create a friendly community

Qi higher than 50 (There can be exceptions)
Good sportsmanship
Must be loyal
Just have fun!

Belt ~
Age (Optional) ~
Country ~
Why Mecha ~
Useful skills (Video making, texture making) ~
Then you must post 3 replays of some sort of dismemberment.

Give us atleast 1 day to decide


0 tc
0 items


(Member's note)
If you take from our bank, you have 1 week to put items/tc of equal value back. Exceptions can be made only with a real reason.

Members get free textures! Will post examples!

Some sort of ROSTER
WarVick ~ Leader
Cretor ~ Co-Leader
Bfitz ~ Member
ManIOwnU ~ Member
Rustler ~ Member



Check out some stuff Mecha is selling here.


Wanna have a clan war? Email me at my shitty address: [email protected]
Tell me your:
1. Clan name
2. GMT
3. What time
4. Server name

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Originally Posted by WarVick View Post
Qi higher than 10

I really like this DSC, my second favorite really. One thing though, you copied this "joke" from [love]'s DSC

Originally Posted by lel
Pride yourself in having a qi greater than 9

I think you should make a disclaimer, or ask first imo. GL though, love the DSC
Belt ~ Brown

Age (Optional) ~ 16

Country ~ Washington DC

Why Mecha ~ Because it seems you have few members, and I'd like to help out. Also, I did enjoy the story, and the theme of this DSC

Useful skills (Video making, texture making) ~ I make avatars, check out my shop in my signature. I also make banners and any other art besides textures.

Then you must post 3 replays of some sort of dismemberment.
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hardcore decap.rpl (38.3 KB, 13 views)
sloppy.rpl (84.7 KB, 72 views)
Man - slaughter.rpl (43.9 KB, 11 views)
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ManIOwnU, once WarVick has come online, we shall discuss your entry.
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Belt ~ Blue
Age (Optional) ~ 13
Country ~ Czech Republic
Why Mecha ~ Because it is cool new clan and i love the name.
Useful skills (Video making, texture making) ~ I dont know, i was trying to make textures, but .... they sucks. Maybe movie making (but i have low pc to record the replays)
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my- something 6.rpl (58.0 KB, 7 views)
mp- under you !.rpl (35.5 KB, 6 views)
mp- lol.rpl (37.8 KB, 6 views)
mp- decap.rpl (30.0 KB, 7 views)
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@ManIOwnU:accepted. I love your style. Most of your replays were fluid and smooth.

@jezisek1:rejected. I'm sorry, it just seems like most of your replays were lucky. I don't see much skill. You may apply again in 9 hours.
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