Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
No its not closed just havnt been on the cpu in days.

So lets get started.

Warrior: Your request has been started Edit: Done

Ragdoll: Heres yours think i could do better if you dont like it
Oh and try lavender that always takes away that rotting smell.
MrKid: Workin on it
Tehbasher: Okie Dokie

So now im off.
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i need 3 heads cus i wana be ready for 3.0
1:i need a ninja head
2:i need a crazy guy head with blood all over
3:i need a...link head!

once i get money from my shop il give tip
btw r those heads on front for free?XD
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God i almost sufficated after i gagged on the water i was drinking right when i saw this

MDP/Switch/Evan says (9:57 PM):
well, your "File" turned out to be a cuple of pics with a cock.
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Shrimp, where's the original pic before it was wrapped around the head? I need to it add to my heads folder...
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hey im new at this game. and i thought it would be cool to have something. could you make me a grim reaper skull mask?