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Dragenon's Ultimate Spars
I decided to merge my sparring threads in to one.
Replays that are highlighted in green are replays that are good imo

new Optical Matrix
Spar with War33


new Hold The Rubba
Spar with Rubber

new Inactivity Gap
Spar w/ Obama.rpl

Kungfu fighting on the roofs
Law- Sparring Drage.rpl

More replays are located in the 3rd post, it's right below this one.
I will constantly come back here with new sparring replays once in a while.
Rate, comment, and tell me which replay you like best.

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Spar 1.rpl (911.4 KB, 264 views)
Spar 2.rpl (660.3 KB, 117 views)
Spar 3.rpl (1.09 MB, 165 views)
Spar 4.5.rpl (613.1 KB, 116 views)
Spar 8.rpl (666.8 KB, 85 views)
Spar 9.rpl (634.0 KB, 99 views)
Spar 11.rpl (665.8 KB, 160 views)
Spar 12.rpl (666.3 KB, 133 views)
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Old sparring replays goes here

Lawrence Brings The Law
Sparr lawrence1 vs. Drage.rpl

A very long scene with my butt sticking out.
Spar w Daxx seriously.rpl

Omg, The matrix is in here.
Spar w Daxx aglkaf.rpl

I found Daxx
Spar Daxx not worth a replay.rpl

Abel is deh Pokemon
Spar w Abel.rpl

Spar w R4ff.rpl

Tea party
Spar w Chreeys.rpl

Drage finally got his revenge ;-;
Spar w Daxx mah man.rpl

Mr. Partial Clean
Spar w Semiclean again.rpl

Stick figure
Spar w stickman5.rpl

An Encore For Dragenon's Death
Spar w Daxx3.14259.rpl

The Death of Dragenon
Spar with Daxx again again.rpl

"I gtg eat"
Spar w Jets.rpl

Lunch Time?]
Spar w semiclean.rpl

"Ain't hard to code, bro"
Spar w daxx again.rpl

"I tried"
Spar w Daxx.rp

Spar w Sunny.rpl

"Whada whada E"
Spar Bloodies.rpl

The time Drage got ban
Spar WhoPawnch.rpl

Spar - Drage&Cerc.rpl

Spar Tif.rpl

Spar CercRad.rpl

Puff, the magic Dragon
Spar 71.rpl

"Like, yeah..."

Spar 69.rpl

An old replay with Kylan.

Lolercoast is alright

Very crappy sparring replay

Don't watch, this one sucks

Sunny and Dragenon fought
Spar 1.rpl

Espnzalvr and Dragenon
Spar 2.rpl

Dragenon + ReRe = Spar and love
Spar 3.rpl

Dragenon vs Kylan97 epic spar
Spar 4.5.rpl

Dragenon + Thresher = Spar
Spar 8.rpl

Dragenon + Kerlis = Spar + Headspin
Spar 9.rpl

Dragenon and warrior56 street fight

Dragenon and Nero had a date on a bridge
Spar 11.rpl

Diabloh's and Drage's sex rep
Spar 12.rpl

itachi88 laid a bomb on Dragenon
KY_ Kyou vs Drag.rpl

Dragenon Vs. Airoblinn
Spar 13.rpl

Dragenon Vs. Pigking45
Spar 14.rpl

Ew, why you grab?
Spar w Ghost.rpl

Get ready to get spanked
Spar with Nero.rpl

Absolutely real
Spar with Airo.rpl

Spar with cerc.rpl

"Anyone was my spar realistic?"
Spar with Hkp.rpl

Spar with cerc again.rpl

Spar with Law.rpl
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That was epic, I took the lead the whole time XP.

Don't forget about our sex D:<
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Forgot me n you...again. ;-;
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Originally Posted by Kaneki333 View Post
I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

Wow, I just noticed that our spar had 666KB space take up, and I (Diabloh :3) sparred with you. YES YOU HAVE BEEN CURSED BY THE DEVIL OF TOWEEBASH.

But seriously nice balancing on the rails, I would've pushed you off :P. If you were less pro you would've fallen lulu.
A friend with weed is a friend indeed
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