Weekend Bash
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Void-Vulcan-Viridian Right Hand Flame
This Flame Starts Void and Fades to Vulcan to Viridian. 101k to Forge
Starting Bid: 40k
Minimum Bid Raise: 1k
AutoBuy: 70k
If you dont like the pixel effect then /dl chuk , /lp 0 chuk , and delete the flame texture out of the custom folder.
Auction Ends in On the in 3 days. I'm in a hurry to get this tc, so please...BID!
And I will NOT accept ANYTHING but TORI CREDITS.

Katzen Is Wining With the highest bid of 40k.
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I'll bid 40k. What do you mean it'll end on the 21st days?
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Thank you. That was a bad edit....oh wait....its even worse because i changed it today.
It Ends in 3 days of the first bid.