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How to create a spinning / rotating head!
Tutorial for how to make a spinny head

I bet this has been posted before but this is for the new people that wont go back 20 pages to find it

Thing you need:

Gimp (i use gimp 2)

ok so once your in gimp go to file then open then select the texture of your choice,

Then go to filters, animation, and then globe

I recommend about 30-40 frames

And there you have it!

Thanks for reading this!

(Remember to save it as a gif and check "save as animation" I personally prefer 60-70 frames and 256 color) ~Ezeth
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Aff you hack

sounds awesome!
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Nice tut, will stop people from posting in support "HAO SPINNY HEAD I MAKE?"
Lol, nice work .. simple but needed.
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Thx... I've been wondering how to do this... But I decided not to post a topic on it... It helps to wait rather than to ask around here, it makes people less annoying.
+REP SEP, that is so awsome.
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it looks kind of do make it look nice?

Make it bigger and resize it down, but since it's an animation I don't know if it'll work well.