Toribash Season 7
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Ohai fags
Ohai fags

I'm coming back. Or atleast trying it again. Hope to see you guys in game.
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woo \o/

too bad none of us play :o
5:13 PM - vasp: everybody's nuts is so good
[00:18:38] <&vespesi3n> you should see when i swallow
[21:49:37] <&vespesi3n> >my mouth when
[21:49:43] <&vespesi3n> >my tastebuds when
Shut up Mosi. I play nightly But only for maybe 10 rounds or so. Work sucks and all that, but I still have to strike some fear into the hearts of men
Ducky: Fuck. My mum came in the room and saw Cock_Rocket and Mad-Sex-Whore on the screen. Out of instict I closed the window. Now she thinks I watch porn and she's going to cancel my internet connection for a week. Thanks a lot bitches.
and ye, stfu Mosier i'm often ingame than on forums :P
Tabs <3
sexiest r_leg in the game
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