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The OLDA Basketballsave competition
Hey and welcome to the OLDA Basketballsave competition!

This time we're going to play some basketball, or saving the basketcase from the basketball to be exact :P

Read through this post carefully so that you get all the rules and the objective. I would not like to disqualify a lot of entries. Don't afraid of asking anything you're not sure about. I'm here to help you if necessary ^_^

Please keep all your entries in one post. It just gets very annoying looking through the entire for spread out entries.

Create a replay using the basketballsave.tbm mod. You can either make your Tori score or you can defend the basket case using Uke. It's your choice. You may move them both. I don't care whether you kick, punch or head the ball, as long as you follow the rules and the objective. Have you read the objective and the rules and still don't get it? Then check out the attached example replays in the bottom of this post


-Everybody can enter, not just OLDA members.
-You must follow ALL of these rules in order to reach the judging phase.
-The replays must not be longer than 2000 frames.
-No dismemberments or fractures.
-The replays are to be made using the mod basketballsave.tbm.
-No hacking or stealing of replays is allowed.
-No more than 3 replays per contestant.
-Only new replays.
-And last but not least, have fun and be a good sportsman!

Any replays or contestants that violates the rules will be promptly
disqualified. It might sound harsh

Well, basically we're going to judge overall creativity. So be creative :P

-Tempo (me)

The top three replay makers will achieve the following prices:
1st place: 15k
2nd place: 10k
3rd place: 5k

Donations for the prizes are more than welcome. The prizes will be updated depending on how much tc/items people are donating.

Deadline is 1.5.2010. May 1st (This one might change sometime during the competition)


Basically, that's when the judging starts so no new entries are accepted after the deadline.

Stay tuned for possible updates, there won't be too many of 'em though ;)

Good luck and have fun!

Yours truly,

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basketball example2.rpl (59.6 KB, 44 views)
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I'll probably do something better later
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[duck] 01101000 01101001 01110000 01101111 01110100 01101001 01100010 01101111 01110010
Do we need to move on uke and tori?
Or could we just move on one of them?
Like this(this replay does not bellong to one of my enteries)
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torismaser: basketballsave.tbm

This is why I don't play basket :<
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Originally Posted by Tempo View Post
-The replays are to be made using the mod basketballsave.tbm.

There you go Torismaser ^^

Felipe, you're allowed to move them both as much as you want

Great, now we got some starting entries!

Good luck!
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