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[RIG]Maya Tori-Rig
So yeah, most of you probably don't have Maya, but I do, and just in case somebody else does, here's a rig.

Features: Full posablity, easy to edit textures, physical sun and sky

To change textures on the rig, simply copy your texture files into the "source images" folder. If the textures don't show up, go to File->Project->Set Project and then select the folder "Toririg 2" (you can rename the folder if you'd like)
Use the rotate tool to pose, I locked translation and scale on most of the joints in order to avoid major fuck ups.
The root joint (at the groin) has translation active, use that to move the full tori around.
The big arrows in the sky direct the sunlight. Wherever those arrows are pointing is where the sun will be. (pointing straight down will be like noon, so it will be very bright) If you want the sun and sky gone, go into your render settings in the "Indirect lighting" tab and click delete next to "Physical Sun and Sky"

I think that's about it. Any further questions, go ahead and ask. Any requests for additions will be listened to, and added if they are neat.

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Very good, i would normally sticky this, but i don't think anyone here really uses maya. The proportions are perfect, great job gubbin
Awesome i might use this btw Gurren Lagaan FTW
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Actually there about 3 Maya users in T3AL
And i might start using it again now that i have a rig

Nice work dude
Originally Posted by Gorman View Post

Looks great, does it have IK?

Nah, but I may put it in if I see it as beneficial.
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IK is one of those things that isnt useful until you have it :P
You can use it fine and you wont think you /need/ IK, but if its in there people will use it =]

Worth putting in imo!
thank you :3 i was looking for the toribash rig for maya and could you send me that Gurren too? please!
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the gurren is for my own personal use.

also it's not finished
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Bump How did u add textures?\
And how to rotate the screen
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