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[PALLETTE]Toribash Colour Palette's - Gimp ; Photoshop ; Illustrator ;
Here you will find links to the color swatches for the following programs:

the linked threads will provide you with all the neccesary instructions.

Compiled by: diealready

Compiled by: borgpunx
Compiled by: rem0ved

Compiled by: joonveen & jusmi

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good idea. I guess... will make it simpler to find and whatnot. :P
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I don't mean to nitpick, but the original Toribash Photoshop swatch palette was created for CS3 by me. Madness simply updated and uploaded it after I took mine down because the person that bought my account started taking credit for it. has been added
my thanks to rem0ved for putting it together for us.
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