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[Shop]Molik's head textures shop
Welcome at my new head textures shop. I'm making here heads (from refference and request) and trails for sets.
I am making 256x256 heads but I can resize to 128x128 or make on 512x512.

Request format:
Style: Robo, Emo, Cartoon
Special info about head,details:
Price range(min: 500tc):


I have also for sell these heads,offer me :

Request list:
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Ok,nobody want to buy or request head, so I deleted prices.
Just name your price,but it have to be 500 tc or more tham 500tc.
Some promotions:
First customer have head for free.
First customer of month have head for free.
Also If You are from [GU] or [CW] You have 25 % off.
Request format:
Style: Robot
Colours: Marine, quicksilver,void and pure
Special info about head,details: 128 x 128
im first so i get it for free :P
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Style: Robo, Emo, Cartoon:Emo
Colours:Void and Pure
Special info about head,details:Like the one you made with the red eye 128x128
Price range(min: 500tc):1k